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So, because I'm already behind on editing, and I'm tired of it for the day, I decided to give you guys a special treat.
It's not much, but I like the way it's going so far.

The sound of feet running across the ground fading. They must think I’m dead. Why else would they dump me here, in a ditch, in the middle of the forest? There is no other reason. They think I’m dead. They think it’ll be days before anyone finds me, and by then, I’ll certainly be dead.
It’s cold, I can feel the snow seeping through my blue jeans. I’m losing the feeling in my toes, and now it’s slowly beginning to creep up into my feet. I’m numb; I can only feel the pain on the inside, not the pain on the outside.
Even the moon can’t fight through the dark tree tops of this place. It’s completely dark; I can’t tell the difference between my hand and the snow it lays on top of. I can’t feel my hand either.
My wet hair is plastered all over my face and I’m starting to shiver. The only hope I have is that the sun will be rising soon. When I was in the car, I caught the sight of the clock on the dashboard that read “5:30.” Surely someone or something will me soon. Or can find the strength to go find help?
Part of me wants to go, but the other part just wants to lay here and freeze to death.
But I know I can’t.
That man deserves better, people need to know why he died and why I’m here, on the brink of death.
People have to know. I don’t think I’ll be able to stay sane if I don’t tell someone.
People will want to know. If I can get up and find help.
I’m scared, I’ll admit that, these past three weeks have been the most horrifying time of my life. But, I will let people know what has happened.
I just have to make sure I don’t freeze to death.
I will survive.

So, let me know what you think!

love, lala


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