Some Changes Coming Soon

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So, because I've been neglecting the site for a while because I've got midterms next week and I'm behind on editing, but I'll be caught up tonight, and all this other crazy stuff, I'm going to redesign it again.
But, this will be a total redesign.

  • I'll be redoing the pages 
  • I'll be trying to write better posts on writing 
  • I'll be doing freebies for those people who want to design their blog (yeah, with my stuff?)
  • And I'll try to get some guests bloggers.
  • I'll be adding more info about the books and making new covers 
  • basically redoing all of Lala Land.

It'll be amazing!
I hope....
If there's anything you'd like to see when I change it all, let me know! Please! I love hearing from you guys!

love, lala

Here's a sneak peek of the kit I'll be using.


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