The Name Game

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Earlier this week I realized I had a problem.
Almost of all of my MCs have names that end in the "ee" sound.
Don't believe me?

  • Cassie Dreandry
  • Bree Wells
  • Zoey Lauder
  • Elly Ellis
Four names, four "ee" endings. How weird is that? Okay, maybe not so much. Part of making a great MC is making the name work. Cassie went through at least a dozen last names before I finally came up with "Dreandry." And the queen bee at her school, Lorraine, was Karrie, that's not a mean girl name!!
But, half of the time as I develop plots in my mind, everyone is just "He" or "she." I hate naming people.
I change names a lot. And I neglect naming people.
So, what makes your character's name? What are the general rules for picking a name? How do you know that you've just found that name that works?
Let me know! Hopefully I'll change everything this afternoon, but who knows.

love, lala


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