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Today I'm gonna write an actual writing post, (along with unrelated writing things) and about character development. *gasp*
In part of my editing process, I'm adding more description and more detail to Melania and Brent's crazy-messed-up-because-he's-criminally-insane-relationship. In the, let's see, *counts on fingers* seven times I've rewritten this book, Brent has always been purely evil. There was no other side to him. He was like a fairytale villain. One side, just purely evil. But, that has to change. People aren't like that in everyday life. At least one time in a person's life, they were good. After almost four years of Brent being purely evil, I can't tell you how hard it is to give him another dimension. But, when it comes to adding more to him, how do I do it? Do I make him regret all of the people he's killed and all the ones who survived, like Cassie and Melania.
Part of the underlining them of The Assassin is that even the bad guys have a good side to them. Take Cassie, for instance, she's a good kid in school (most of the time), she loves her dad, her friends, and almost falls for Seth Edwards *ick*.
Cassie has two total opposite sides, that's always been easy for me. Cassie has always been part teenage girl, part professional. I mean, come on, she is the Assassin.
But her life isn't all about killing, in fact, as the series continues, she kills less and less. Brent's evilness has that much impact on her. She finally sees what other people see when they think "bad guy."
So, how do I give Brent another, softer, kinder side when even the Assassin fears him and his sick minds?
We'll have to see... And yes, I've got ideas...

On to other things:

Castle comes back on tonight!!! *dies*

I've only seen one episode in the show and I loved it. I can't wait to see the new one tonight. More coming some time this week on everything Castle related.


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