Editing Blues

Current Mood: IT'S FRIDAY!! Need I say more?
Currently Listening to: "I Wish I Were the Rain" by SHeDAISY
Good day to all my lovlies!
So, what has Laura been doing all week?
   Well, Laura has been doing algebra homework *eww*, returning reads, and editing her book, which is taking a very long time.
That's my week. Plus an astronomy test that I almost failed. -_-
So, I've edited the prologue and split chapter one into two separate sections. It's an exhausting process...
Oh, has anyone heard about this little thing in the gulf?

Has anyone?
And it's about to rain here, but not because of Karl. He better not come, I'm still having allergies from Hermine...
Editing is such a boring process, or so they say. But I'm actually having fun with it...
That's right. Fun.
I'm writing like crazy, when I can....
I'll give you more updates when new edits get posted.


07 08 09 10
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