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I have a problem. I suffer from Authorphrenia. That's when your characters talk to you (most people would call it schizophrenia, but I like Authorphrenia better.
Want to know why?
In the past couple weeks as I've started editing The Assassin Cassie has stopped talking to me. It's making me nervous. I hope she just left on a vacation.
Instead, I've got Bree Wells (from Just Perfect) and two other girls, Elly and Zoey talking to me as well!
I didn't sign up for that when I joined to become a writer. -_-
Zoey came first and so after Just Perfect, I'll be writing Snatched:
17 years. Zoey Lauder had a good life for seventeen years. She never had to worry about anything. She’s the girl everyone wants to be friends with, her parents adore her, and her boyfriend is crazy about her. Life seems almost perfect.
One week. That’s how long it’s been since Zoey stumbled into a store and saw an attempted murder take place. She knew the man who almost died, but she’s never seen the two men who were trying to kill him. She has no idea why they would try to kill the man, but after they try again and succeed, she has a feeling she might be next.
20 days and 20 nights. Zoey Lauder has been missing that long. One minute she's in plain sight; the next, vanished. No one can think of a motive, and no one knows where Zoey has gone to. It’s not like her to just leave and never call. As time goes on, her family and friends are becoming horrified. There’s no way she could have survived, but as long as there’s no body, there’s hope. But will hope be enough for Zoey’s family when the truth becomes exposed?

 I'm really excited to get to tell Zoey's story, and I can't wait to write it. It probably won't be until like February or March before I get to write it, but it'll be exciting!
I'll have Elly's pitch sometime soon.
Let me know what you think of Zoey's story. :D

love, lala


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