Oregon Trail

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Writing is a little bit like the game Oregon Trail. Come one, who remembers it? And no, remembering it does not make you old.
But writing is like Oregon Trail. Both are a journey. Sometimes you lose characters that you weren't planning to lose. Sometimes the plot takes an unexpected twist, goes down a different road, or get to your destination in a way you never thought possible.

But why is that? Is it because too often as writers we let our story tell us what happens instead of the opposite way? I think that having our story take over is something that all writers have at least once in their writing career. It happened to me, the first time I wrote Secrets Revealed. 
Cassie found her true love in this book, whether I realized it or not. And he was just supposed to be a character that appeared once. But as I wrote some more (remember, I hand write everything first, I'm working on the seventh book now.) I realized that this guy kept popping up, and despite ruining all my plans, I liked him.
Why is that?
Maybe it's just a thing that happens to writers, but I know that it sure can surprise you.
So, what are your "Oregon Trail" story?


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