On The Go

But don't hate me, please!
Anyways, I'm in total swing back from my pink eye, I hope, and here I go.
Over the weekend, on the inkpop forums, someone brought up the topic of writing on your iPod touch. They were talking about this app called My Writing Nook. It's basically this web app that you can sync with your iTouch. I bought the app, but the thought of writing a book on my iTouch holds little appeal.

These are pictures I grabbed off the site about the iTouch app. Has anyone else used it or even heard of it? Or do you use another app if you have an iTouch? I'm not a big fan, like I mentioned before, I'm more of hand writing person.
Oh, by the way, thanks guys for making the "Handwriting Vs. Typing" post my most popular post yet. Seven comments? I feel superdy duper special.
No song of the day because I don't have time to go look for one.


LReneeS said...

Oh wow, I must have not been on here in a while because you have changed the layout again! The new layout's cute, though; I like it:D
Thanks for the comment on my interviewing idea. Trust me, you're on the top of my list of people to interview --that is, if you would be interested in doing that.

Also, sorry I keep missing you on Write Here. (It's so sad)...
Nice post, by the way. I've never heard of that app; it sounds interesting but I think the idea of it would be strange. I'm too used to typing my stories on the computer... That and I don't have an iPod touch.
Happy writing,

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I'd love to be interviewed. And I'm acutually looking into making my own layout, so stay tuned for that.

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