Musicals, Interviews, and WHY WON'T THIS WORK!?!?!?

Big: the musicalOh gosh, Big: The Musical is finally done. Summer is now officially almost at an end. In one week, I'll be coming home from my first day of school...
Scary thought.
Junior year I am so not ready for you. At all. I haven't even wrapped my mind around the fact that you're knocking on my doorstep.
Why do you have to come so soon? Why?
My first author interview!!! :D
Click here to read it. L Renee S did a wonderful job with her questions. Be sure to follow her blog. I'm going to add a new page for interviews and you can read it on here too!
Also, I was reading Kevin and Amanda today and found a cool tutorial on how to make each page a different background for Lala Land. So I did it.
It didn't work. So, if anyone has used this tutorial and knows why it won't work, I'd love you if you could help me! Until next time...

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