It Just Doesn't Work

What do you do when a book just doesn't work?
Do you force it to work until it does?
Or, do you just end it and never look back?
Oh geez, I sound like I'm writing a poem now. But the reason I'm asking is because I've shelved Revenge of the Rossetts. There's something wrong with it and I don't know what. I felt like writing it was a chore to be done; something I dreaded.
So I gave it a quick ending and have now started book three, Secrets Revealed. This is one of my favorite books in the whole series, Cassie learns a lot about herself.
It all began with those strange letters Cassie got in the mail. But these aren't death threats, there letters written by her mother before she died, and these letters suggest hat Cassie's dad just might be out there and just might not be Brent Rossett. The letters prompt Cassie to take a DNA test, but that's the last thing on her mind. Her lying, cheating ex-boyfriend, Alex, has gotten involved with a British guy and they're planning to take down the two governments and take the Assassin down for revenge. Cassie is running across the ocean more than she's staying in one place, trying to stop these two from causing a catastrophe, and is way too busy to pay attention to Connor, the guy she stumbles into while trying to save the world, her family, and her sanity.
I think that at the moment, this is a better idea because I honestly had no idea where to go with the story.
Book review coming tomorrow!


07 08 09 10
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