Book Review: Insatiable

Book review time! This time it's Insatiable by Meg Cabot.
Page Count: 448, I believe. Can't look because I had to turn it back in.
First thoughts: I'm not so sure, but Meg Cabot hasn't failed me yet, so I'll give it a try.
Setting: New York. Most of her books take place here.
Characters: There's three main characters, two men and a girl. It was interesting how it all played out between Meena and her vampire boyfriend who was being stalked by the vampire hunter who found himself falling for Meena. Yeah, it's that complicated.
Writing Style: Cabot took a turn with this book by moving to third person. Basically all of her other books have been 1st person. While I'm not a fan of third, this was actually a really good way to tackle the story.
Cover: While at first it seems rather strange, I like how they incorporated so much symbolism into the cover. Very clever design. And I'm digging the red dress.
Plot: Pretty good. A lot of "OMG! THAT HAPPENED?!?!" moments but it kept the book moving. At first, it seemed to drag on, but once the vampire and the girl met in front of the church, it seemed to pick up.
Dislikes: THE ENDING!!! But, there's supposed to be a sequel, so I hope that I get my ending!!!!
Final thoughts: Worth a read, but beware, this is an adult book, so if you haven't ventured into that age category, this might not be for you.
I apologize for the weird font down below, I'm still trying to figure out how to fix it.

setting:*** characters: ****   writing:*** cover:***** plot:****   final rating: ****  


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