Back to School...

Two weeks. Well, at this ate, I should just say one week, six days, eleven hours and thirty minutes.
Until school starts.
And school shopping has already started because we went school shopping today. For shoes, and they didn't even have the shoes I wanted in my size. *sad face* But I ordered them online, so it's all good.
There is one thing I want for school, and writing, that I have to get with my own money. I just have to work seven birthday parties!

A laptop. All of my writing buddies from inkpop have laptops and I'm stuck on this old desktop that sucks. So, I want a laptop so I can write late at night when I feel all my creative juices flowing.
So, how many of you use laptops to do your writing? And what laptop do you use? *cue Evie running around screaming "MAC!!!!"*


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