Today I'm actually going to blog about a writing topic:
Romance in YA. How much do you have, if you write YA. On inkpop, we've had tons of arguments/discussions on when is too young, when is too old, should you wait for marriage, or sleep with the first person you date. I guess, this is turning into a sex discussion now. Crap. But, do you like books that have romance that takes center stage in the book, or are you like me, where you like adventure, and a bit of romance on the side?
All the time my friends have known about me writing, they've always wanted me to write a romance book, but I don't think I could. I read way too much adult fiction (finally got Sizzling Sixteen, can't wait for my mom to finish reading it), so I think it would be hard for me to balance YA romance. I've actually found it hard to write about any kind of romance, maybe because I've never experienced it. I've been in one relationship and that was a disaster. So, I can't take from experience and it stinks.
So, what's your opinion on romance in YA books, if you write them?
Let me know!


Dianne K. Salerni said...

I may have taken the cheater's way out on this topic. So far, I have only written 19th century historical fiction, where teenage romance consists of holding hands, languishing looks, and a stolen kiss. I've toyed with having my teenage MC elope with the young man her guardians forbade her to have -- but not sure publishers would go for it. Do you think teen readers would be interested in a main character who was married at 17 or 18 if the year was 1885? Or does marriage kill romance?

Even so, I wouldn't include graphic sex scenes. The Victorian age was all about keeping it private!

Anonymous said...

I would be interested. Cassie, my MC, in the last book is 19 and gets married. It's all of society's fault. I blame them.

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