I think she's stalking me.....

Okay, not really, but seriously, the past few days, ever since I started that stupid 30 Day Shred, Jillian Michaels is popping up EVERYWHERE! She was in an add on my photobucket account. And yesterday at Target, my mom bought a Cardio workout DVD from The Biggest Loser show. Then today, for my mom's birthday, it was ten days late, my aunt sent her another copy of it!
I could have died.
No, seriously. You don't understand.

But, I worked at the library again, and no four year-olds called me cute today! That's always a good thing. Or is it? Anyways, not going to ponder on that.
But, once again, I've managed to totally avoid writing. I'm thinking tomorrow afternoon I'm going to disconnect my internet and WRITE!
Song of the day: "Hide Your Matches" by Julianne Hough



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