This is the last time in a while. This has taken me all day to change, so don't think it'll change again! What do you think? I like it, it's a lot more bolder, and cooler that way :)
But, I finally got my game back! I've managed to write over a page and a half while managing the mess I've left this in. I've got about 26K words in Revenge of the Rossetts which means I'm about half way done! Super excited. I was going back through the early drafts of this book, and I uncovered a subplot that I had totally forgotten about, so I am super happy :)
But, I had a short rehearsal tonight, so that's always good.
The Assassin is still at 36 on inkpop, so if you're on inkpop, read and add please!
love, lala


07 08 09 10
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