And I'm going to die of embarrasment if he reads this. Which he won't, but still, you never know. I'm so happy! I got back today from DCYC, isn't the banner pretty? They did a fabulous job this year with the designs. I loved them.

But, this was my fifth year to go, and I got to see a very old friend of mine, Stanley! Well, his name is Kyle, but I call him Stanley. It's like an inside joke from when we were like five. It was a lot of fun.
The other thing on my big to-do list weekend was the first annual "Nellie Awards" at my theater. I was a presenter with my good friend Blake. That was a lot of fun last night too. Except for the part where I had to wear heels for four hours. That was not fun.

But, on to the real point of this post. Slacking. Do you writers ever feel like you never get any writing done? I feel like I spend more time on inkpop and stuff than I actually do writing and as much as I hate that fact, I love it too. I'm taking a month to finish a chapter it seems like, I used to be able to do a 4000 word chapter in a week at the most. So, have any of you guys suffered this problem? And if so, what's your secret to overcoming it?
Oh, and when I was gone this weekend at my conference, The Assassin hit a new high on inkpop. 34! So happy :)
Now, for real, off to go write...eat dinner.



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