Eclpise the Movie Kills....

 If you don't believe me....
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So, I haven't actually seen the movie, even though I kinda want to, but I think dying like that is a pitiful, sad way to go. I'd hate to be famous for that. I'm more of the type who wants to be famous for being a bestselling author.

How crazy is that? The scene I'm writing now has Cassie in her school hallway being held at gunpoint by her slightly-not-mentally-stable-step-mom. And her old, cat lady, English teacher has to save her.
I love adding humor to tense, suspenseful moments. It's how I roll.
But seriously, I am so happy about being able to write again, words can't even describe it.
Then again, I'm not too happy about the broken side mirror on my dad's car that was my fault! Even if it was an accident! I swear! It's not my fault his garage is tiny! It takes skills to back out/park it.
Song of the day: "I Heart ?" from Taylor Swift



Noelle said...

Ugh... the Twilight crazies... I mean, maybe he died of natural causes and it was just a coincidence that he was at the Eclipse screening... But that is super sad regardless. The level of crazy going on with some of these fans is... well, crazy.

But, YAY to finally being able to write. I go through blocks sometimes and it stinks, but when you finally get back into the groove of things, it really does feel awesome.

And it stinks about the car... it happens to the best of us... trust me, lol.

Anonymous said...

Haha, I know. I mean, I like Twilight, it's okay, but I'm not super obsessed. I like to tell people that I'm a fan for two and a half hours a year :D
Yeah, and now I can't drive the car for two weeks.

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