Book Review: The Red Badge of Courage

First off, thanks to Evie at Peace, Love, & Books. I stole this review system from her.
Everything is rated on a scale of five.

See the pretty stars?
My first book I shall be reviewing is The Red Badge of Courage by Stephan Crane. Here I go:
Page count: 115
First thought: The faster I read this, the less painful it'll be.
Setting: I knew it was out in the wild, it was in the middle of a war. But beyond that, Crane didn't give me much to work with.
Characters: There aren't very many characters in this book, and they don't have names. The main character is called "the youth" the whole time. Very confusing.
Writing Style: Style? He was very...um... wordy in his descriptions. It was confusing because he'd go on and on, and then he'd move to one thing, but the transitions sucked. 
Cover: old, and rustic. True to the times. I like the cover, but they always say not to judge a book by it's cover.
Plot: There wasn't really a plot. Well, I couldn't find it in all the wordy descriptions that didn't make any sense!
Dislikes: The whole book?
Final thoughts: I'm so flunking the test for this in the fall.
Setting: *
Cover: **
Overall: *



07 08 09 10
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