An Age Old Question

To Type or Handwrite?
Yes, tonight, I'm covering it. Beware, I'm split down the middle.
I do both. I carry a notebook around with me where I write a book, I'm working on the final book in The Assassin Saga. Book ten, it's been a lot of fun, I've been writing it for ten months-ish. So, I l,ike being able to pick up the pen and having the access to paper and a story.
But, on the other hand, hand-writing can take a long time, and your mind can get ahead of your hand, it often does. Typing is faster and there's word check. So many factors over which you choose.
Well, this sucks, this post was supposed to be A lot longer. So, what's your opinion? Hand or type? Let me know.


Dianne K. Salerni said...

I type. As you said, writing by hand is just too slow for me. I can't keep up with my thoughts.

However, I will write by hand if I don't have access to my laptop. For instance, if I'm sitting in the middle of a really boring faculty meeting, I'll take out a piece of paper and start writing. It works out great because people think I'm taking notes. If I need to know what was said in the meeting, I'll ask someone who was listening. :D

My teenage daughter, on the other hand, drafts everything in a notebook first (which she carries with her everywhere) and only types the revised version. I do worry about her taking after her mother, though, and writing in the middle of class when her teacher thinks she's taking notes. :O

Ashley said...

I definitely just type everything up, but I have this corkboard where I plan the plot, and post little paragraphs of how a certain chapter feels (usually hand-written). Although, I used to do both evenly. College kinda adjusted that! :)

Tracy said...

Yeah, I type everything. I could see taking handwritten notes, but I usually have my computer with me all the time, so I can do everything on it. :)

LReneeS said...

I usually prefer typing because then I can see how the story looks, but writing is just as good sometimes as well we cannot type up what I want to.
I think most of my notes I usually write down in a notebook, and when I'm away from the computer and start thinking of something for my book I start writing it down for later. Even if I don't use it in the book it's nice to have.
However, with typing I feel like I can get everything down a lot faster --as you pointed out.
All in all, I will do either and will work with either one.
Happy writing,

LReneeS said...

This is for you, Lala!

Matthew Rush said...

Hi Lala. I saw your comment over at LiLa's blog so I thought I would stop by and become your newest follower.

Nice ta meet ya!

LReneeS said...

There's where I got the word count, but it looks like you already added it into your blog.:)

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