Writing element: Forshadowing

First off, sorry for the lack of updates, I'm in the middle of finals and I had my hard one today that I needed to study for. And I'm still sure I failed. But, the good news is :


I could cry because I'm so happy.
But....That's not the point of this post. The point of this post is forshadowing. So, let me tell you, I love forshadowing, I just wrote like 1,000 words worth of forshadowing. Here's the part I wrote, and okay, it's only 365 words, but still. In the beginning, Cassie is talking to her ex-best friend, Mia, whom she caught cheating with her ex-boyfriend, Alex.

I stopped at my locker and turned around to walk into Mia.
“Cassie, oh my gosh, when will you get over it? I’m sorry,” she pleaded with me. “If you would just listen to me and let me explain-”
“I don’t care. I’m over it; I don’t need to listen to this.” I pushed her out of the way and started to walk off.
“Well,” she said to the hallway. “There’s something I know you’d die to know. There’s something that I know about you Cassie Dreandry.”
I froze. She didn’t. She couldn’t.
“Yes, Cassie. I know about you, and there’s something you should know about me.”
I didn’t want to listen to it, so I started walking away, but my mind was already racking up ideas with what she could possibly know, and what I needed to know about her.
What she knew about me was the obvious, I mean, did Alex tell her about me? It was totally possible. There wasn’t a strict rule on NAA secrecy; it was just assumed that we had to be. The thing that really got me scared was what I needed to know. What big, deep dark secret did Mia have that I didn’t know about?
I spent all of first period trying to come up with the worst thing that she could be, and it all came down to one answer: What if she was a Rossett? I quickly had brushed it off. There was no way. True, Mia had been adopted, just like me, but that didn’t mean that she was a Rossett. She was the furthest thing from them. But as I thought about it, she certainly looked like a Rossett, at least like Brent. She had blonde hair too, and she had the same blue eyes like that guy, Craig.
By the end of first period, I had decided that I was going to confront her during lunch, but I stopped. Say she wasn’t a Rossett; that would expose so much. Mia knew that my dad had been Brent Rossett, and that was it. If I wrongly accused her, I was basically setting myself up for total disaster. So, I scratched that plan.
I love forshadowing, because when you read it for the first time, you never know that it's actually forshadowing. I've dropped several hints to my readers over the course of the past few chapters about Cassie's heritage. Most of it is solved in the next book, since that's one of the main plot lines for that book, but it's still fun to sneak bits and peices into this book.
So, do you guys use forshadowing a lot, or is it something that you tend to avoid? I really do want to know, I love hearing from you guys!
Well, I promise I will update tomorrow, and I will no longer be an underclassman!


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