Yes, today I'm talking about those bloodsucking peeps that got a major revival with the release of Twilight and it's sequels. Vampires have been around forever, right? Well, on inkpop, there's tons of stories about Vampires, and tons of arguments about them on the forum. There's stories about Vampire love, and vampire hunting. Either way, most people who are die heart Twilight fans all agree. Vampires are about to become a thing of the past.
But, here's the thing, I kinda want to write a vampire book. It wouldn't be lovely dovey stuff, because I can't write that at all. I was thinking about it the other night, and I think I might just write a vampire book. I was thinking more along the lines where vampires were almost like ghosts. It's something I'd have to toy with. But I wanna know, what's your opinion about vampires? Like 'em? Hate 'em? And why? What swayed you one way or the other? If I'm gonna write this sucker, which if I do, it'll probably be one of those books that stays in the closet FOREVER, but if I do, I wanna know how people view vampires.

GRAND CANYON!!!! I leave at five in the morning tomorrow. DX. Ten hours in the car, straight. I think I might die. I don't want to sit in the car that long, and my dad is making me drive part of the way too. So, I won't be updating at all next week, well, maybe on my iTouch, but don't expect it. I'm really nervous because I know The Assassin is gonna fall while I'm gone. DX It's still at fourty.
So, until next Saturday, (or maybe sooner....)
Goodbye my lovlies!


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