Two times in a day??

Actually, the earlier one about my favorite book was one that I started yesterday, so I don't think that ought to count. But, yesterday I went book shopping! I'm an AP English student *gag* and I have to do summer reading projects *double gag*. Since I'm going on a roadtrip next week, I'll need lots to do, including:

  • edit The Assassin
  • And read all these books:

There's more, but I couldn't find all of them. I'm also thinking about doing book reviews. Wouldn't that be fun? I guess part of the reason is, I have a really bad case of writer's block. I've been out of school for four and a half days, and I've written a hundred words tops.
Oh, and now I have the hiccups. Just great! And in honor of the hiccups, I leave you with an excerpt from The Assassin. 
THERE’S A TIME and place for everything. Tonight was the time and place for Jackson Benson to die.
          It was still raining. Stupid rain, who needs you anyways? I thought. I certainly didn’t.
          I had broken in through the bathroom window. There was glass everywhere, and the rain was starting to come in.
          “But, what do you even see in her?” I could hear Lorraine walking down the hallway. “She sits at home at night with nothing to do. She has no life.”
          I could take a wild guess who she was talking about. And I had to try not to laugh about it. No life, I almost wanted to tell her just what my life was bringing me to at the very moment. But I couldn’t. I’d have to kill her for it.
          “She has a life.”
          Oh, yes. I was right. I was the freak with no known life. The freak that was out to kill the Queen Bee’s dad. This was just too good.  And Seth was out to prove Lorraine wrong.
          “No, she doesn’t.”
          I had-HICCUP!
          “Seth, did you hear that?” Lorraine asked. They stopped; I could hear their footsteps stop.
          “Listen. I could have sworn I heard someone hiccup.”
          Oh, please, God, please don’t-HICCUP!
          “Is there someone in your bathroom?” Seth asked.
I looked around panicking. I opened the door to a walk-in shower and slid in. I closed it and-HICCUP!
“See? It does sound like someone is hiccupping. That’s weird. No one should be in there. That’s the guest bathroom.”
“Do you mind if I check?” Seth asked.
          “No, go right ahead. Do you want me to help you?” she asked. I could just picture Lorraine batting her eyelids, trying to be all sweet and innocent.
          “No, don’t worry about it. You can go to your bedroom…or just anywhere else,” Seth said, clearly annoyed by her. I couldn’t blame him though.
          HICCUP! No! Maybe I should hold my breath, I thought. One Mississippi, two Mississippi, three Mississippi, four-HICCUP!
          The door opened and light streamed in from the hallway, and I could see his shadow in the door frame.
          “Seth, is anyone in there?” Lorraine said.
          Seth was slouched on the door frame, with his arms crossed. “Nope, you just go on right ahead, I’ll be there in a minute…I need to uh…use the bathroom.”
“Oh. Okay,” Lorraine said. I could hear her walk off, probably in stiletto heels, no doubt.
Seth turned the light on and-HICCUP!
I was screwed. I knew it, I knew that I was going to get caught, and I’d have to kill him. Which was a little extreme, I shouldn’t have to kill such a good kisser…wait, did I just think that? Oh, no, I’m becoming…NORMAL!
I could hear footsteps coming close.
“SETH WAIT!” Lorraine came rushing back in.
I could see Seth turn. “What?” he sounded irritated.
“Oh, nothing. It’s just that, there’s something I want you to see.” I saw her grab his hands and lead him away to who knew where….
They turned off the light and I waited for a moment. That had been close, too close. 

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