Today is a biggie for me on Lala Land. I'm talking about promotion. It's what gets your story noticed and out there. It's what makes people follow you on Blogger. But how do you guys promote?
On inkpop, there's swapping, which is where you read a part of someone's work and they do the same for you. It's basically the only way to ensure that your book goes up in ranks. My goal is to get into the Top Five on inkpop for the month of August. That involves a lot of promoting, not just on inkpop, but other places too. For instance; if more people follow my blog, then they'll become exposed to the Saga, and possibly become interested and read it. It's all a matter of balance. How do you balance it? What are the tips and tricks you have to making people want to know about you and your work? I love hearing from you guys as you all have different ways and opinions on how to get it done.
Oh, on another note:


Also, I want to tell you about the group blog I'm blogging on. It's for a group called Write Here, and you can see the blog here. I'm really excited to be a part of it, and I'd love if you guys check it out and maybe join the group (the link is under the "Sites You Need To Know About" section). 
Also, rehearsal last night: OMGEEZERS boring! For the three hour rehearsal, I spent two listening to everyone learn the opening song, which I guess I don't sing, since my group was never called up to learn it. And then I spent the other hour on the balcony watching the blocking of everyone else. And I get to do it all over again tonight. 
But first, man, I can't believe I'm still going, I'm baby-sitting this afternoon. :)


Vry Sparks said...

Hey, Lala,

what's inkpop? Is it like inkwell? Do you get to know who reads your story before they do? How do they agree, I mean what if their not interested in what you've written?

Just curious...

Evie J said...

August is my goal with whatever project I upload next! We can be Top Five buddies!!!! :O *runs around*
I just swap! haha! It's really the only way. Swap messages work best. :)

Anonymous said...

@Vry. inkpop is a website for YA authors. There's a ranking system, with one being the most popular piece of work. At the end of the month, the top five projects are taken off the "shelf" and they get reviewed by a Harper Collins editor.
@Evie. Isn't it time to let someone else have the top five? I mean, you've only been up there twice. But, I have a semi-grand idea??? Message me, or write on my wall, or something and I'll tell you. But it might not work....

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