Oh geez! Not again!

I haven't updated in like four days! Gosh, I'm so bad at this! The worst thing is, every day I try to blog, but I always get short on time, but tonight I will! I promise on the life of me!
First off, four and a half days left of school! Next week, my school district will be the only school in the whole state of Texas to have school. Thanks guys, we know how much you love us. :P
Also, geez, where to even begin. Oh, no Wicked pictures. My phone has a crappy camera and we were too far away, I was gonna take a picture of the map because it's so much prettier than the one in the book. *sigh* Oh well.
Also, I've started reading a new book series. It's from a British author named Rhys Bowman, the Royal Spyness series. It's about a minor royal during the interwar years in Britain, and she's an ameutur detective. I started with the second book and I'm on the third. The fourth one comes out this fall!
Also, I'm adding a book wishlist page, not tonight, but it'll have books that I've read, the book I'm reading, books I plan to read, and books I can't wait until they come out to read! So, look for that sometime this weekend!
Also, The Assassin is 59 on inkpop! So happy, I zoomed through the 60s in, like, two days! So happy.
Summer, why can't you come, please?
No song of the day, I don't want to go look for one!


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