I Don't Believe This!

The one time I have an excuse to use a sarcastic title for a blog post, and I can't even come up with one! (And that my dear lovlies, is not sarcasm).
But sarcasm is indeed the topic of this post, along with a few other things.
You see, this all began yesterday when I was talking to a fellow inkie, isn't that catchy?, about sarcasm in writing.  I think it's ironic how all my friends can never tell if I'm using sarcasm when I text or I'm talking to them online. I'll make a sarcastic mark, and they'll always reply "are you being sarcastic?" Yes, I was being sarcastic. They're my friends, they should know whether or not I'm being sarcastic!! And all these people that I've never met, especially in my book, one of the first comparisons they make between Cassie, my MC, and me is both of us have a hard streak of sarcasm! These people have never met me and they know me better than my friends! So, I can't help but wonder what the heck is the problem here? So, what do you think is the secret to decoding sarcasm in writing? I wanna know, I really do, because I can't seem to come up with a logical answer.
That my friends, ended up being a lot shorter than I planned.. DX
Well, to other news: TONIGHT IS THE FIRST REHEARSAL! We're doing the musical version of the Tom Hanks movie, Big.  I'm the VP of promotion, and that's all I know. And I sing a song about black coffee, I looked it up on Wikipedia.

Also, on inkpop, The Assassin is now number 40, which is good, because my goal is to get into the top five in August. You see, the book needs some editing, which will happen next week on my roadtrip, and that gives me July to make the changes on the computer and upload it to inkpop, and then get people to read the new edits. I've got a mile long list in my head of things to change next week. But it'll have to wait until next week, because right now I'm reading The Jungle. It's rather long and boring, and way over too discriptive, and I've only got 285 some pages left to go. DX And I'm going to finish it by Saturday night so I don't have to read it on the trip! Oh, update on inkpop, I'm 41 now. D:
Song of the day: "Outside My Window" by Sarah Buxton. It's a fun summery song, and I love driving around town blaring it through the speakers. Enjoy!


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