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First off, anyone notice the changes that Blogger made when they finally introduced Blogger in Draft to everyone?


This is a rather big deal for me, since I always write in HTML, and code and link things in it. It's a lot quicker than having to link everything else from the toolbar. But that's not what this post is about. 
This post happens to be for the Bloggers United group on Inkwell. Here's the prompt:
We're doing our favorite books. One, and if you can't make up your mind, maximum three. So, we start today, as soon as you read this. We write a brief summary of what the book is about and then, why we love it, when we first read it, how we came to find it, what reactions the story provokes in us when we read it, etc.
 My favorite book: One for the Money by Janet Evanovich.
The truth is, I like all the books in the series. But, I can only do the first one. So, here I go:
One for the Money tells the story of recently laid off Stephanie Plum. In a desperate move, she blackmails her cousin, Vinnie, to give her a job picking up skips for his bail bonds company, better known as being a bounty hunter. The first case she gets is for Joe Morelli, a cop accused of murder. Morelli has often tricked Stephanie in the past, such as taking her virginity when she was sixteen. While she searches for Morelli, she gets caught up on Stark Street, one of the bad places in town, where she meets Lula and Jackie, the girls working the corner, and Benito Ramirez, the heavyweight boxer who has a record of being the last person with quite a few missing women.
This book is hilarious. I remember when my mom first read the book when I was like ten, she'd always be laughing, and I'd ask her what was so funny. The book is an adult book, with cussing, and not so child-approrpiate things, so she'd always child proof the story when she'd tell me, so I didn't find it all that funny, but I was still curious. And whenever I'd ask to read them, she'd always say "when you're older." Well, last summer, I finally convinced her that I was old enough, I'd been reading adult books for a while.
So, she told me that after I did my summer reading *gag*, I could read it. I did my summer reading, and forgot about the books, but when August came, I was in The Wizard of Oz and spent a lot of time backstage. I finally asked again, and she let me take it to the studio to read. I read it in a day, and it only took that long because I had three shows in twenty-four hours. I ended up reading all fifteen in a week.
You can basically find the Stephanie Plum series at any book store. When I went to Borders, there were four shelves filled with just Stephanie Plum books. These books will have you laughing out loud in the middle of a quite office, and having you go "He did not just do that!" at other times. (Trust me, I did say that.)


E. Arroyo said...

Hi Lala, I have heard of this series. I actually purchased How I Write by Janet Evanovich. This was one of the books I wanted to read that slipped my mind. Thanks for the post.

Ms. Leira Carola said...

I love the Stephanie Plum series. The first three pages of One for the Money are pure genius.

Anonymous said...

I've actually read How I Write, I need to buy it instead of just checking out from the library. And I love the first three pages of the book. I have a crush on Joe Morelli!

Vry Sparks said...

Hey, I think I've read another novel by Janet Evanovich, something about a female thief and a rich hunk who couldn't let her go. It was good.

This book sounds really good then because I've developed a love for romance comedy. In fact, if you check out my blog I think you'll find that THE CORSET DIARIES are guaranteed laughter (at least it was for me.)

Thanks for sharing.

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