Two Days in a Row!

I feel so special!
Both of The Assassin books are now in the top thousand. The Assassin is number 95, and Revenge of the Rossetts is 984! *Happy Dance*
Tonight I have Confirmation rehearsal. As excited as I am for Confirmation, what is the point of rehearsal? We stand up and walk in a line and get confirmed.
A few minutes ago, a guy with the Gas Drilling company came to our door, and while he was talking to my mom and there was an election advertisment posted on the door. I ripped it off and stuck it on my mom's back. I love my mom, she let's me get away with embarrassing her all the time. <3 I have AP test in a week, and I haven't started freaking out, which is weird. I've studied all day. Oh, once again it's dinner time. Later lovlies!


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