Swimming Galore!

So, living in Texas, it's an obvious duh that I'd go swimming in the summer, right? Well, last night was the first time for the season. My friend, Rebeca, had a graduation party with a water bounce house with the ropes and the slide you have to climb over. Well, us and our friend Christi, all climbed up at once and went down all together. It was so much fun, we were soaked.
Book update time! The Assassin is currently #75 on inkpop. :D I'm about halfway done with Chapter Five for book two, and hope to finish it by next weekend. So, as for Cassie's soon-to-be-best-friend, Alexis, she just moved in. Alexis is a foster kid who was dropped into Cassie's family's lap.
I was gonna add a quote about Alexis, but I don't have a very good one. :(
Oh, and new news! I'm now on Wordpress too. Lala Land has expanded. In order to get to more people out in the blogging world, I've got two blogs. Don't worry, I'll still update here, and it'll just be the same blog post on a different page. SO, if you have wordpress friends, be sure to tell them about me please!
Song of the Day: "Fool, I'm a Woman" by Sara Evans.

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Amanda said...

Hurrah! # 75??? That's awesome!

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