Physical Exercise=Ick

I rose my bike to school today. BAD IDEA. It was hot, and sunny, and humid. NASTY! And then I rode it home! Five miles, and now my thighs burn.
And I have to do it all over again tomorrow. DX
But, I just finished three read swaps on inkpop, and I noticed I got some followers from inkpop now! Thanks guys, y'all are awesome. Yes, I am a Texan, there fore, I am cool enough to pull off using the term y'all and y'all all. I promise, I'm not the only one that uses those terms. We use them in Latin class.
I have a project due next week, I have to make a brocure for my AP World History class on how to survive it. DX Mrs. Seat, are you trying to kill me?? Oh, and I have a Latin project due the Friday after the AP project is due. So, geuss what I'm doing this weekend!
Song of the Day: "Think of Me" from Phantom of the Opera. :)

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alyssa zapinski said...

I am with you Lala! I live in charleston so when summer rolls around...OMG! It's like, you step outside and you can't breathe. I just started to "workout" seeing as my mom insits Im oout of shape. It sucks. But I get results. BLAH!

Ps. <3 your blog!
I'm totally going to follow!
Check mine out: www.creativemess1995.blogspot.com

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