I think I'll Try Defying Gravity!

In three hours, well okay, three hours and fifteen minutes, I'll be at Wicked!!!! I've been listening to the soundtrack for the past day and a half none stop and I'm totally PUMPED! Like, you can't even understand how excited I am! My sister, my dad, and I are going with some old family friends, even though I saw them this morning. They have a son my age, Zach, and he and I are in the same Chemistry class and were working on a project for extra credit. But, that's besides the point. The main point is, that I can't wait! I'm so excited!
So, I'll have to post pictures tomorrow, since it's a holiday, of my adventures to Wicked. So, I'm off to go Defy Gravity, which I wrote a monologue over in Theatre Two last semester:

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salarsenッ said...

Ooh...enjoy!! You.Will.Love.IT!!

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