I Did Not Die...I Promise

But at the rate I'm going at lately, I just might by the end of the month. But I don't want to. At the end of the month I get to go see Wicked, the musical about the Witches of Oz! Heard of it? If you are a theater geek like me, it'd be a crime not to have heard of it!
<-------------------There's the picture for the Cast album! And tonight, I don't have rehearsal, I have no idea what to do. I might actually watch Glee and despite being a theater geek, I've never seen the show. I'm always busy when it's on! But, I'll have to see.
In my writing news: The Assassin is 95!! It was 93 this morning! And I finally have enough words to make the sequel public, and in the three minutes after it went live, it jumped 14,000 spots! That's amazing!
But, I have a little "fanclub" on the Ning Network, and starting in July, they're gonna start charging for us to have networks! Crazy, so I'm thinking about moving it, but no body on my little "fanclub" ever responses to what I have to say on my Facebook messages. So, if you've read my book, you should join, if we move, we may just close. :(
Oh, gotta go. Dinner time!


salarsenッ said...

Wicked is FANTASTIC!! I've seen, oh my, at least fifteen to eighteen Broadway shows!! I am a Broadway geek!

Anonymous said...

That's awesome. Wicked is my favorite show. I saw it last year, and I can't wait to see it again!

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