I'm pretty sure the comments are broken still, which is weird, because it lets me comment all I want.
The Assassin is number 85 on Inkpop! It finally broke the 90s. I'm so happy. Like giddy happy, it's so weird. And the sequel is number 406! It's been a good weekend. Here's some comments I got this weekend for my book:

This is sooooooo good!!!
I've only read the first 2 chapters, but I looooove this!! Its so going on my pick list. :D
FIrst of all, I love the cover. It's stunning! I love it! :D
Also, the pitch is very good. Something I would picture being on the inside cover of a book.

Okay so now onto the first chapter.

I noticed that you started a lot of sentences with 'She.' But for some reason, it seems good that way.

I love the line, 'She respected life, he destroyed it.'

Wow. The first chapter is great. I love the last spoken words, 'My job is done now.' It's chilling, really. But why didn't he kill the baby instead? He didn't want the baby to be stronger than him, so why didnt he kill the baby instead. But I guess that wouldn't be much of a story, because then you would have had to stop right there.... Because then there would be no more Cassie...

Okay, so when he murdered her, it happened in 1993, but now it says 2008 and Melania is talking about the death, and how it happened that night.... Oh. I get it now... :P

Wow. I love the information about the Assassian- its so clever. With the dagger through their chest and the 'A' at the top... it's genius!

I love the last line of Melania. "Because I love you.' And I hated him.' That made me laugh!

Why doesn't Cassie have fingerprints?

You described Lorraine great! She seems like someone I know... Wait. But when you were describing her, you used 'sterotypical' twice. Kind of ruined the purpose when you over use it, especially that close to eachother.

Okay, this is great. I love how she's the Assassian, but she's doesn't like blood. Makes her seem even more relatable for some reaon.
I'll be checking this one out more often! I want to read more!
Here for the swap (sorry I took forever):
I was enraptured by this since the first two paragraphs. It was such a great attention grabber. Oh. My. God. Your first chapter is so amazing! It's extremely intense and scary and unexpected, making me continue on reading! I can't even describe how great it is.
My gosh! Brent is such a BASTARD! And I even oppose vulgar languages, but I just had to use it! He's so horrible and I wanna cuss again but I can't find enough words to explain it! He shouldn't have been locked up in prison, he should have just died! You're so good at making people hate him, and I can't believe how you were able to make up all those ideas. I feel so bad for Malania. She's such a strong character that makes everyone love her.
Here's for Cassie: How could she be so young yet so dangerous. Creepy... I can't believe how you could create these horribly evil characters, but you're soooo good.
I don't know what else to comment on because words can't explain how much I love this. You're so amazing...Did I say that already? But you're crazy good. I have one question: Why isn't this higher up in the ranks? I just have to pick it.
-Susie:{ <----That's an unsuccessful creeped out face.

Ok, here for my swap. I've only up chapter 2 due to lack of time.
Ok here's my honest opinion of this book


I think that sums it up.
Everything I want to say has already been said.
This is going on my picks tonight

keep an eye on the forums - I feel a promotional thread comming along ;)
this is for our swap - i really like this so far and i know why it is in the top 100 you are a amazing writter and i have only read 1 and a half chapters. this isn't really the genre i go for but i found it interesting and the first chapter really pulled me in so well done. four things stood out to me
1. your description is really good and there is just the right amount in my opinion.
2. i really like you dialogue very believeable.
3. i dont really point out grammar mistakes but i didn't see any so well done.
4. the newspaper bit in bold is really good it shows how much talent you have the way you can do different styles of writting and it be really good. if that makes sense
overall well done! picked :D
Okay, I am more hooked now than I was before!

Now that I have fully gotten the characters and their personalities, I can relate to them more and now I just adore this! At first, I was rooting for Cassie and Michael but Seth might just be worming his way into my heart! Ah! I just love these characters and you stay true to how you want to represent them. You make Cassie realistic even if she is the assassin and all. You make the readers care about her. Congrats on characterization brilliance!

I am still in love with the fact Cassie is the assassin. I got up to chapter five and defintely going to have to come back!

There was a few grammatical errors but I mean we all have those issues.

Great job and definitely Picked! :)
So, don't you think I've had a good weekend?
Song of the Day: "I'm No Good for Ya' Baby" by Laura Bell Bundy. That's what's playing right now. Okay, never mind, Grooveshark does not have that song. :(Um, what should be my song of the day? *rushes to iTunes library to find a song* "Undo It" from Carrie Underwood. Heard it on the radio this morning, and I love that song.


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