Do the Comments Still Not Work?

Or is no one actually finding anything worth commenting for? DX
Wow, what a few busy days. I kept wanting to blog, but I just didn't know what to blog about! But, here's my life in a nutshell, starting Thursday morning:

  • World History AP test: HARD HARD HARD! But that's all I'm allowed to say, because College Board likes to have that kind of power over people.
  • Made copper in Chemistry, and busted a girl in my group for texting after she messed up our experiment and told us it was our fault because we made her do something.
  • Started to make a movie on Flash, I'll see if I can post it up on here. That'd be cool. But my drawing sucks.
  • Watched a non-educational movie in my AP class. It was so weird, and Night at the Museum is so cute!
  • Translated some dead guy's will in Latin, but it's not really his, because his enemy gets all the good, expensive stuff!
  • Made s'mores yesterday in Chemistry, and then got sick to my stomach.
  • Went to voice lessons, only to not have a teacher there, I guess she forgot.
  • Went to Cici's.
  • Woke up this morning, went to callbacks for a show at 9, sat around for two and a half hours, and when they called us in, I stood next to people, said "This is Josh, this is Derek, he can drive," and "DADDDDDD!!!!!!!!" And they let us go home!
  • Got lost in Kohl's. That takes skill.
  • And tonight, I'm going to see my friend's show.
So, you see, I've been very busy, haven't had time to even write! So crazy! But, that's what I've done in the past few days.
And, now here's the song of the day: "Me and Charlie Talking" from Miranda Lambert. It's her first single ever released talking about love, and she just got engaged this weekend!



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