Choking on Chex Mix

How pathetic is that? Sadly, that happened to me about twenty minutes ago! It was horrible. The only reason it stopped was because I sneezed! And then I sneezed again....
Well, today's Inkpop update: The Assassin is currently 91, the highest it's ever been! WOOHOO! Revenge of the Rossetts is number 552! This go around has happened so much faster than the first time. Revenge has jumped 20788, in the past twenty-four hours, and that's not including the 14,000 spots it jumped before! This is so crazy, I can't help think, what if Revenge gets into the top five before The Assassin? How weird would that be?? I actually think that would be funny. :P
Tomorrow night is Confirmation! But first, I have a Chemistry test. I'm so not a science person, but my little siblings have to take PAP and AP classes in science, because even though I don't like it, I have a 92 in that class, and I don't even try. So my dad always grips and complains about how I'm not being challenged.
But, back to Confirmation! I can't wait! Last night was the rehearsal, which it wasn't even. I sat in the back pew and texted my friend, Traci, most of the time. She was mad because we have a guy friend that likes her and she can't stand him, so she was texting me about how annoying he was. I'd say poor guy, but I know what it's like to be in Traci's shoes, and I just hope there is some girl that likes him, unlike Traci and I. But I can't wait!!!!
But, today, I do not have to leave because of dinner. Yay? I don't know. But I've been studying for the dreaded AP test. This is the first one I've ever taken, so I'm a little bit nervous, but I've been studying like crazy, so I'm sure I'll do okay. :)
Well, I geuss that's all I've got to say. Bye-bye!


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