I think I'll Try Defying Gravity!

In three hours, well okay, three hours and fifteen minutes, I'll be at Wicked!!!! I've been listening to the soundtrack for the past day and a half none stop and I'm totally PUMPED! Like, you can't even understand how excited I am! My sister, my dad, and I are going with some old family friends, even though I saw them this morning. They have a son my age, Zach, and he and I are in the same Chemistry class and were working on a project for extra credit. But, that's besides the point. The main point is, that I can't wait! I'm so excited!
So, I'll have to post pictures tomorrow, since it's a holiday, of my adventures to Wicked. So, I'm off to go Defy Gravity, which I wrote a monologue over in Theatre Two last semester:


Special Olympics Time!

I spent all day at the Texas State Special Olympics basketball tournement. It was great! My brother's team won four out of the five games over the past three days. So much fun! The last game, which they lost, they lost at the darn buzzer.
But, that's not what this post is about, well, it's one of the things. First off, Lala Land is going to go through some more changes. In my mind, this place is a mess, so I need to get it organized because I'm OCD or ADD or ADHD like that, or something. And I'm changing the layout. Again. I just need change. I'll probably change it at the beginning of the month every month, so it's not constant change, but enough that I don't go crazy. I'm also going to add a lot of stuff. So, look for that coming soon.
But, book talking time. Editing: I edited before, but it looks like that didn't help. Who here has edited and what little things do you do that help you edit? I'm just curious as to how people edit their own work.
Song of the day: "What is This Feeling?" from, you guessed it, Wicked.


Okay, I lied, the new layout came sooner than I planned, but I just found out that I can design my own layout on Blogger, so I had to try it out. What do you guys think?


Writing Inspirations

I was gonna come up with a catchy title for this post, but I fail at those so, I'm going to get straight to the point.
What inspires you? Music? Life in general? Or do you try to take it from everywhere? I'm the third. I create plots based on soap operas (or so I'm told, I've never seen one), and characters based on people I know. Inspiration is a great tool for coming up with great stories. I read all the time, which is a big inspiration. I mean, to be a writer, you have to read. I'm actually looking for another book shelf because I don't have enough room for all my books.
I also listen to music. I know some people say it's distracting, but honestly, I find it distracting not to have it on. I hate the sound of the silence when I don't have music playing. I actually have a whole playlist dedicated to my book series, full of songs that I like, or that can relate to a particular part of a book or in the series. Now that I think about it, that's probably why I hate writing on the computer at school. No iPods. :(
And what about consistancy, do you have a set time for writing during the day? Do you try to write a certain amount of words in a day? For me, being a student, I can't write everyday at the same time, I have projects and stuff, but I try everyday. Every free moment I'm not studying, I'm writing or reading.
So, those are just some things I thought about that I wanted to know.
Oh, inkpop update: 77. :( But, it'll probably go private before I even end up getting into the top five.
Two days until Wicked! And once again, no song of the day, I'm at school. But, have a good, three day weekend.


I lack a good title...so this'll have to do.

Well, it's official. I knwo what I'm doing this summer:
More editing.
At four in the morning, I just got a three chapter review that told me everything that was wrong with the first three chapters of my book. But, for once, I wasn't upset, I knew I needed it. I geuss I'm finally over the thought of someone not liking my book and ripping it to shreds, I mean, I can't please everyone. And I'm okay with it. It's kind of nice.
And today I just read this artilce about introudcing the antagonist into the story sooner than later. And I'm on chapter five, and I haven't actually "officially" introduced the antagonist yet. I mean, he's showed up, but Cassie, my MC, still doesn't know who in the world this guy is. So, she's about to make the connection in the next 700 words. So, this will be a good cliffhanger ending. :)
I'm so sorry about not updating in the past few days, I've just been so busy! I have a Latin project due tomorrow, an AP project due Tuesday, and a Chemistry project due next Thursday. And, three more days until Wicked!
Well, I think that's all I have to say for today. No song of the day, since I'm at school and I don't think I'll be allowed to use Grooveshark. Oh well.


Swimming Galore!

So, living in Texas, it's an obvious duh that I'd go swimming in the summer, right? Well, last night was the first time for the season. My friend, Rebeca, had a graduation party with a water bounce house with the ropes and the slide you have to climb over. Well, us and our friend Christi, all climbed up at once and went down all together. It was so much fun, we were soaked.
Book update time! The Assassin is currently #75 on inkpop. :D I'm about halfway done with Chapter Five for book two, and hope to finish it by next weekend. So, as for Cassie's soon-to-be-best-friend, Alexis, she just moved in. Alexis is a foster kid who was dropped into Cassie's family's lap.
I was gonna add a quote about Alexis, but I don't have a very good one. :(
Oh, and new news! I'm now on Wordpress too. Lala Land has expanded. In order to get to more people out in the blogging world, I've got two blogs. Don't worry, I'll still update here, and it'll just be the same blog post on a different page. SO, if you have wordpress friends, be sure to tell them about me please!
Song of the Day: "Fool, I'm a Woman" by Sara Evans.


The Best Friend Blues

So, I know alot of you guys that follow me are writers, so I have to ask. Does your MC have a best friend? What makes this person their best friend? My MC, Cassie, has just discovered the her best friend, Mia, was cheating on her with her boyfriend, who she didn't even like, Alex. So, now, obviously, Cassie needs a new best friend. And she's getting one in the form of a foster sister. I don't know about y'all, but I think that a good MC should have a strong best friend. This new, soon-to-be-best-friend is very lively and has quite a personality.
So, I wanna know, what do you like about your MC's best friend? What's the special thing that makes the best friend the best friend for your MC? Let me know...I'm interested.
And, for that story with the pitch that I posted about a month ago, Wednesday, I had free time at school, but couldn't get to my flash drive, so I ended up working on Bree's story. I actually wrote a lot down in like thirty minutes. Once I finish this scene that introduces the cute guy, and I polish it, I'll probably post it on the excerpts page for you guys to read. I really like where this story is going. I promise I'll keep you updated on where it goes. :)
Song of the day: "The Wizard and I" from, what else, Wicked! This morning in the guide section of The Dallas Morning News there was an article on Wicked coming to Dallas and then I got the song stuck in my head.


HA! I know they work now!

So, I now know that the comments do work! Success!
So, I rode my bike again today and it hurt so bad! The seat is too high!
Well, The Assassin is at 84 on Inkpop right now, and I'm about to start working writing tonight. I haven't written since this past Friday night. This will be a good chapter, Cassie, my MC, just found out her boyfriend was cheating on her with her best friend. Good times! After this week, I won't have any more projects, so I'll be able to study for finals, and get a lot of writing done!
Song of the day: "No One Mourns the Wicked" from Wicked. 12 more days until I see it!


Physical Exercise=Ick

I rose my bike to school today. BAD IDEA. It was hot, and sunny, and humid. NASTY! And then I rode it home! Five miles, and now my thighs burn.
And I have to do it all over again tomorrow. DX
But, I just finished three read swaps on inkpop, and I noticed I got some followers from inkpop now! Thanks guys, y'all are awesome. Yes, I am a Texan, there fore, I am cool enough to pull off using the term y'all and y'all all. I promise, I'm not the only one that uses those terms. We use them in Latin class.
I have a project due next week, I have to make a brocure for my AP World History class on how to survive it. DX Mrs. Seat, are you trying to kill me?? Oh, and I have a Latin project due the Friday after the AP project is due. So, geuss what I'm doing this weekend!
Song of the Day: "Think of Me" from Phantom of the Opera. :)



I'm pretty sure the comments are broken still, which is weird, because it lets me comment all I want.
The Assassin is number 85 on Inkpop! It finally broke the 90s. I'm so happy. Like giddy happy, it's so weird. And the sequel is number 406! It's been a good weekend. Here's some comments I got this weekend for my book:

This is sooooooo good!!!
I've only read the first 2 chapters, but I looooove this!! Its so going on my pick list. :D
FIrst of all, I love the cover. It's stunning! I love it! :D
Also, the pitch is very good. Something I would picture being on the inside cover of a book.

Okay so now onto the first chapter.

I noticed that you started a lot of sentences with 'She.' But for some reason, it seems good that way.

I love the line, 'She respected life, he destroyed it.'

Wow. The first chapter is great. I love the last spoken words, 'My job is done now.' It's chilling, really. But why didn't he kill the baby instead? He didn't want the baby to be stronger than him, so why didnt he kill the baby instead. But I guess that wouldn't be much of a story, because then you would have had to stop right there.... Because then there would be no more Cassie...

Okay, so when he murdered her, it happened in 1993, but now it says 2008 and Melania is talking about the death, and how it happened that night.... Oh. I get it now... :P

Wow. I love the information about the Assassian- its so clever. With the dagger through their chest and the 'A' at the top... it's genius!

I love the last line of Melania. "Because I love you.' And I hated him.' That made me laugh!

Why doesn't Cassie have fingerprints?

You described Lorraine great! She seems like someone I know... Wait. But when you were describing her, you used 'sterotypical' twice. Kind of ruined the purpose when you over use it, especially that close to eachother.

Okay, this is great. I love how she's the Assassian, but she's doesn't like blood. Makes her seem even more relatable for some reaon.
I'll be checking this one out more often! I want to read more!
Here for the swap (sorry I took forever):
I was enraptured by this since the first two paragraphs. It was such a great attention grabber. Oh. My. God. Your first chapter is so amazing! It's extremely intense and scary and unexpected, making me continue on reading! I can't even describe how great it is.
My gosh! Brent is such a BASTARD! And I even oppose vulgar languages, but I just had to use it! He's so horrible and I wanna cuss again but I can't find enough words to explain it! He shouldn't have been locked up in prison, he should have just died! You're so good at making people hate him, and I can't believe how you were able to make up all those ideas. I feel so bad for Malania. She's such a strong character that makes everyone love her.
Here's for Cassie: How could she be so young yet so dangerous. Creepy... I can't believe how you could create these horribly evil characters, but you're soooo good.
I don't know what else to comment on because words can't explain how much I love this. You're so amazing...Did I say that already? But you're crazy good. I have one question: Why isn't this higher up in the ranks? I just have to pick it.
-Susie:{ <----That's an unsuccessful creeped out face.

Ok, here for my swap. I've only up chapter 2 due to lack of time.
Ok here's my honest opinion of this book


I think that sums it up.
Everything I want to say has already been said.
This is going on my picks tonight

keep an eye on the forums - I feel a promotional thread comming along ;)
this is for our swap - i really like this so far and i know why it is in the top 100 you are a amazing writter and i have only read 1 and a half chapters. this isn't really the genre i go for but i found it interesting and the first chapter really pulled me in so well done. four things stood out to me
1. your description is really good and there is just the right amount in my opinion.
2. i really like you dialogue very believeable.
3. i dont really point out grammar mistakes but i didn't see any so well done.
4. the newspaper bit in bold is really good it shows how much talent you have the way you can do different styles of writting and it be really good. if that makes sense
overall well done! picked :D
Okay, I am more hooked now than I was before!

Now that I have fully gotten the characters and their personalities, I can relate to them more and now I just adore this! At first, I was rooting for Cassie and Michael but Seth might just be worming his way into my heart! Ah! I just love these characters and you stay true to how you want to represent them. You make Cassie realistic even if she is the assassin and all. You make the readers care about her. Congrats on characterization brilliance!

I am still in love with the fact Cassie is the assassin. I got up to chapter five and defintely going to have to come back!

There was a few grammatical errors but I mean we all have those issues.

Great job and definitely Picked! :)
So, don't you think I've had a good weekend?
Song of the Day: "I'm No Good for Ya' Baby" by Laura Bell Bundy. That's what's playing right now. Okay, never mind, Grooveshark does not have that song. :(Um, what should be my song of the day? *rushes to iTunes library to find a song* "Undo It" from Carrie Underwood. Heard it on the radio this morning, and I love that song.


Do the Comments Still Not Work?

Or is no one actually finding anything worth commenting for? DX
Wow, what a few busy days. I kept wanting to blog, but I just didn't know what to blog about! But, here's my life in a nutshell, starting Thursday morning:

  • World History AP test: HARD HARD HARD! But that's all I'm allowed to say, because College Board likes to have that kind of power over people.
  • Made copper in Chemistry, and busted a girl in my group for texting after she messed up our experiment and told us it was our fault because we made her do something.
  • Started to make a movie on Flash, I'll see if I can post it up on here. That'd be cool. But my drawing sucks.
  • Watched a non-educational movie in my AP class. It was so weird, and Night at the Museum is so cute!
  • Translated some dead guy's will in Latin, but it's not really his, because his enemy gets all the good, expensive stuff!
  • Made s'mores yesterday in Chemistry, and then got sick to my stomach.
  • Went to voice lessons, only to not have a teacher there, I guess she forgot.
  • Went to Cici's.
  • Woke up this morning, went to callbacks for a show at 9, sat around for two and a half hours, and when they called us in, I stood next to people, said "This is Josh, this is Derek, he can drive," and "DADDDDDD!!!!!!!!" And they let us go home!
  • Got lost in Kohl's. That takes skill.
  • And tonight, I'm going to see my friend's show.
So, you see, I've been very busy, haven't had time to even write! So crazy! But, that's what I've done in the past few days.
And, now here's the song of the day: "Me and Charlie Talking" from Miranda Lambert. It's her first single ever released talking about love, and she just got engaged this weekend!



Fifteen Fun, Crazy, Absurd Facts about Me that You Probably Didn't Wanna Know:)

Okay, since I've recently joined the Bloggers Unite group on Inkwell and the blog post of the week is 15 crazy facts about me! So, here I go...
1.) I have red hair, I don't care what you think, it's red. Got it?
2.) I hate silverware. I hate the sound it makes. It's like nails on a chalk board to me.
3.) I have a crush on Prince Naveen from The Princess and the Frog. Love his accent!
4.) I'm a lefty. While I don't think this is such a big deal, everyone freaks out when they make the connection.
5.) I have a major obbession with Disney Princesses. And Anastasia, who is NOT a Disney princess.
6.) I have an obbession with real princesses too. I'm a major fan of The Tudors, but I've seen like three episodes of the show. And despite not watching it, I'm still sad it's the last season.
7.) I'm a stormphobic. I'm sure there's some fancy term for that, but I really don't care. Stormaphobic and the fancy name mean the exact same thing, right?
8.) I can do a pretty awesome impersonation of the Wicked Witch of the West. Cackle and all.


Two Days...Two Days...Two More Days...

Until AP test! I'm taking the World History test. I'm a little nervous, but I think I'll get a high enough score to pass and possibly get college credit. I hope! That's like two thousand dollars saved!

Well, now that I think about it, nothing much has happened to me lately. All I do is study, study, study. But today in Chemistry, we got tests back, and mine had an elephant sticker on it! I love elephants, they're sooooo cool! So, I had to take it off and stick it in my writing spiral. :D 
Then I came home and studied. But first,  I called Lifetime back, about my job, and apparently the dude, Fernado, who I was supposed to interview with, isn't even there anymore! UGH..... NOT COOL!
In the next couple of days, I'm going to be adding stuff, like books I think you should read and all that jazz. But that defiantly will not happen until after AP test, and I have a few swaps on inkpop to catch up on first. 
Song of the Day?
Popular, from Wicked because Kristin Chenoweth was in the top searched things on Yahoo! And my little sister is a huge fan of G(a)linda. Oh, 19 more days until Wicked



Yes, the site now has cupcakes. Cupcakes are yummy. Actually, that's not the only reason I chose them. You see, in the third book of the Saga (there'll be ten, just in case you were wondering), there's this person that always refers to Cassie as "cupcake" (yes, she does date this guy), and I really like this guy, and I saw the template and I knew it was made for me.
Funny story of how I found the Cupcake template, and I think it ought to be shared:
I have this fear of storms. A really bad fear. I have hyperactive senses, so the lightning gives me a headache and I hate the noise of thunder. And because of this fear, my body has come to always wake up right as it starts to storm. It wakes up because I've developed this, like, sixth sense of having to go to the bathroom when it storms.
I'm not even kidding....
So, I was in the bathroom, on the internet and came across this.
To be truthful, I just wrote out that whole story, and it dissappeared, and I'm too lazy to re-type it. It was a much better story the first time around. XD
Oh, and in case you were wondering, comments are fixed!
Song of the day?
Giddy On Up by Laura Bell Bundy. She's a Broadway star turned country singer, my two favorite types of music. :D
Well, I guess that's all I have to say for the moment...


Confirmation...Part two!

The past twenty four hours have been crazy! Being confirmed was awesome! Okay, let me explain in case you don't know. Being confirmed is a big deal in the Catholic church. When you're a baby, your parents have you baptized, to declare your Catholic faith. Yes, you're a baby, so you don't really have a say in it, but Confirmation is your turn to say that you will live a good Catholic life.
But, I some amazing presents, which I didn't know you got for Confirmation! Here's a few of them:
The tablet I got from my aunt and uncle:

The beautiful cake my nana made for me: 



Where to begin? Last night was rather eventful. My grandparents came for my Confirmation, and after everyone left for my brother's basketball pratice, I was left home alone with a klutzy dog. But about fifteen minutes after they left, the doorbell rang. I went to go open it, thinking it was my dad coming back from his trip, and the door was locked. But no...It couldn't have been that simple, it was a Census dude. He wanted to talk about my neighbors. Of ten years. My neighbors aren't the most friendly people around, at least not to us, so I know next to nothing about them, but I couldn't just slam the door in the guy's face, that would really be rude. So, I answered his stupid questions to the best of my abilities.
Later on, after everyone had come back home, the phone rang. But I guess no one heard it, because I realized that it was still ringing. So I got up and ran down the hallway to go get it, and slipped. And slipped is putting it nicely. If I'd been upstairs, I probably would have broken the house with how hard I fell. My whole outer left thigh, is that spelled right?, is purple. And it hurts. And I landed on my wrist wrong, so I'm in a brace, and I can just thank God that I'm left-handed, not right because my life would be so much worse if it was.
So, what do you think of the new layout? I like it, I guess, hearts aren't really my thing, but it's simple. But it'll probably change soon.
And, since I'm at school, no Inkpop update.
I just realized that I titled this post as Confirmation, and I still haven't talked about it. I CAN'T WAIT!!! I've been waiting for this since second grade when I made my first communion. And it's happening tonight!! I just hope I don't have to wear the darn brace.
Well, happy Friday guys!


Fudge! Not again!

Why is it that every time I change the layout (I get bored easily), everything gets erased? I need to keep all of this saved on my PC so I can just copy and paste! Ridiculous. Okay, my rant is over!

Choking on Chex Mix

How pathetic is that? Sadly, that happened to me about twenty minutes ago! It was horrible. The only reason it stopped was because I sneezed! And then I sneezed again....
Well, today's Inkpop update: The Assassin is currently 91, the highest it's ever been! WOOHOO! Revenge of the Rossetts is number 552! This go around has happened so much faster than the first time. Revenge has jumped 20788, in the past twenty-four hours, and that's not including the 14,000 spots it jumped before! This is so crazy, I can't help think, what if Revenge gets into the top five before The Assassin? How weird would that be?? I actually think that would be funny. :P
Tomorrow night is Confirmation! But first, I have a Chemistry test. I'm so not a science person, but my little siblings have to take PAP and AP classes in science, because even though I don't like it, I have a 92 in that class, and I don't even try. So my dad always grips and complains about how I'm not being challenged.
But, back to Confirmation! I can't wait! Last night was the rehearsal, which it wasn't even. I sat in the back pew and texted my friend, Traci, most of the time. She was mad because we have a guy friend that likes her and she can't stand him, so she was texting me about how annoying he was. I'd say poor guy, but I know what it's like to be in Traci's shoes, and I just hope there is some girl that likes him, unlike Traci and I. But I can't wait!!!!
But, today, I do not have to leave because of dinner. Yay? I don't know. But I've been studying for the dreaded AP test. This is the first one I've ever taken, so I'm a little bit nervous, but I've been studying like crazy, so I'm sure I'll do okay. :)
Well, I geuss that's all I've got to say. Bye-bye!


Two Days in a Row!

I feel so special!
Both of The Assassin books are now in the top thousand. The Assassin is number 95, and Revenge of the Rossetts is 984! *Happy Dance*
Tonight I have Confirmation rehearsal. As excited as I am for Confirmation, what is the point of rehearsal? We stand up and walk in a line and get confirmed.
A few minutes ago, a guy with the Gas Drilling company came to our door, and while he was talking to my mom and there was an election advertisment posted on the door. I ripped it off and stuck it on my mom's back. I love my mom, she let's me get away with embarrassing her all the time. <3 I have AP test in a week, and I haven't started freaking out, which is weird. I've studied all day. Oh, once again it's dinner time. Later lovlies!


I Did Not Die...I Promise

But at the rate I'm going at lately, I just might by the end of the month. But I don't want to. At the end of the month I get to go see Wicked, the musical about the Witches of Oz! Heard of it? If you are a theater geek like me, it'd be a crime not to have heard of it!
<-------------------There's the picture for the Cast album! And tonight, I don't have rehearsal, I have no idea what to do. I might actually watch Glee and despite being a theater geek, I've never seen the show. I'm always busy when it's on! But, I'll have to see.
In my writing news: The Assassin is 95!! It was 93 this morning! And I finally have enough words to make the sequel public, and in the three minutes after it went live, it jumped 14,000 spots! That's amazing!
But, I have a little "fanclub" on the Ning Network, and starting in July, they're gonna start charging for us to have networks! Crazy, so I'm thinking about moving it, but no body on my little "fanclub" ever responses to what I have to say on my Facebook messages. So, if you've read my book, you should join, if we move, we may just close. :(
Oh, gotta go. Dinner time!

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