Would It Be Inappropriate if I talked about PMS?

Well, if it is, too late. I already did. PMS=My book on Inkpop. One minute it's 98, the next 101. The past four days, I've struggled to break out of the pattern. It's really annoying. Very, very. I'm trying to do a lot of swaps, but during the week, it seems that the amount of people looking for swaps goes down and I'm left with nothing to work with!

But, enought about how my book is driving me crazy. Wenesday, yes, I probably spelled that wrong, but on Wenseday, I got my license, for driving. And I was all excited because my mom said I could drive myself to rehersal last night.
That didn't happen.
My dad, who wasn't even here at the time, told my mom, while I was at rehersal, that I couldn't drive in the dark. But, he told me I could drive to rehersal that starts at 5 this afternoon. So, I'll be driving through rush hour traffic.
Now, if you ask me, wouldn't it be more dangerous to drive in rush hour traffic than at 9 at night? Or is that just my opinion?

Back to my book, just not on inkpop! I have The Assassin on a lot of different sites, trying to get some more readers, and it's on this site called Slush Pile Reader and it has a random list of some of the books that are on the site. It updates after every time you refresh home. I just logged on, and The Assassin was at the top of the list!

Oh, 1:10! Ten minutes till lunch, yeah, it's bad, but last semester I had lunch at 2:00, but lunch! Woohoo!
So, I'm off, because I need to do some writing before the bell rings!


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