Worth My Time?

So, today are camp auditions for the job I applied for. I'm not going. Because I can't get a hold of anyone to schedule an interview. But, on the bright side. That's one less thing to worry about!
Inkpop: 102. Still :( But, two people have said The Assassin is going up on their picks when they rotate them. YAY!
So, I haven't worked on Chapter Three in like a week, once I finish swaps, I will need to work on it. If you read the first book, this scene invloves Michael Brandon and Cassie. So, if you read the first book, you can just imagine where this will be going. XD
I also have to set up some of the stuff back up on the site. I'm going to get an advertisement form so you guys can just submit to it. And I might do some other stuff. It just depends.
And I have rehearsal this afternoon. But Friday is opening night! So super excited! Then I have a Saturday matinee and I'm done. This show has been so exhausting. XD
Then after rehearsal, I get to go to Best Buy to get a new iPod. Hopefully a touch, those things are so cool! And they have a tennis game on them! I love tennis, even if I did quit the team after last year, but that's another story for another time!
Well, off to go finish more swaps...


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