Yeah, I lack anything interesting to put as my title, so I just put Friday, seeing how today is Friday! Yay for pre-weekend!
But, first for some updates: The Assassin sits at 50,992 words. Exactly. I really wanna make it to the 52K mark, and I hope to do it this weekend. I just don't know how. After I hit that 52K mark, I'm going to do one last quick spelling and grammar check, and then I'm sending it off to my friend who has a knack for editing. It's a shame she's going to major in criminal justice. But, after that 52K mark, I get to pick up on Revenge of the Rossetts, how cool is that? I'm completely excited. There are some big plans for this book, I'm totally pshyced. There's a couple of new characters that Cassie meets, some of her old friends turn out to have secrets they never really planned on telling her, and there's more BOY DRAMA! Every good book has boy drama. :)

In other news: I added excerpts, did I spell that right?, to the site. There's one from both books. Book one features the first meeting of Cassie and Seth Edwards, the second one is when she explains her story. I also added a page with all the links for where I am on the Web, like all the Ning Networks, but that might go down.
Well, I've got five minutes left till the end of Webmastering, and the kid next to me isn't very good with HTML.



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