Easter Vigil here I come!

So, in a little bit I have to go to Easter Vigil Mass. For those of you who aren't Catholic, it's the Saturday night mass of Easter. It's like four hours long. You have to have mass, baptism, confirmation, blessing of the oils. I won't get home till like eleven tonight.
So, I was bored and I got a little creative with my camera phone. I love my dress! It's so purtty.....
And also, I'm proud to announce:
The new Assassin Fanclub
There's one on Facebook, but this one is better.

Visit The Assassin Fan Club

AHHH! So excited. So, if you have read it, and you like my book, please go join. Right now it's me and my cousin, and she doesn't even read books. I'm still not sure why she joined, but hey the more the merrier.

Not much more to say....


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