As I would Tell Aggie, My Dog, Ohmigosh! Ohmigosh! Ohmigosh!

So, I'm sooooooooooooooooooooo sorry for the lack of updating, the week just flew by. Almost literally. But, now it is Good Friday, and I have no school. I can already tell that this three day should-have-been-a-four-day weekend is going to go fast. Yes, my Easter weekend was supposed to be four days, today, tomorrow, Sunday and Monday. But then in February, the snow storm came and dropped almost a foot of snow on us! A foot! Does this look familiar to anyone? Yeah, just after we thought that would be the end of the snow, heck no. The last day of winter 75° and nice and sunny. The first day of spring it was 38° and snowing! Yeah, snow, I have a question for you: Who invited you? Huh? No one said you were allowed to come to Texas. No one! Okay, maybe my Canadian friend, but still, who cares about her opiniom? It's okay, I still love you. :)
Anyways, the Assassin is currently at 138 and falling. :( And last week, I got a letter from Reuts Publishing, a new, upcoming publishing company, saying my book was too short. She suggested making it longer to meet their requirements and resubmitting. So, that finally motivated me to do the one thing every author hates:
Yes, I'm editing. And it sucks.
But, I'm thinking of a layout change...what'd ya think? I'm learning HTML in Webmastering, so it'll be good to test out my skills. But, I gottsa major editing to do.


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