Tonight is opening night! And then tomorrow is our last show! I'm so excited, I can't wait. We've worked our butts off trying to make our show the best it can be. I've been listening to "I Won't Say (I'm in Love) like crazy, and I've had every other song stuck in my head. I can't wait!
I'm going to fninsh chapter three this weekend too! And maybe send out some more query letters. I'm on a total high, and I don't want to come down.
Right now I'm working on chapter three, then I'm gonna memorize a monologue for my audtion tomorrow morning for the Studio's summer musical. I'm singing "I Won't Say I'm in Love)" because I haven't had time to memorize a new monologue.
Well, I'll talk to you later. Happy Friday!


Neglecting...I didn't mean to!

I really didn't mean to not update, but not much has been happening besides rehearsals. I haven't gotten much writing done, and I'm postponing the Bree story for the moment, I really need to work on Revenge of the Rossetts at the moment. I'm having a hard time writing lately, and it's a little scary. Eep! I'm not sure what to do! I guess keep writing....It has to pass eventually, I hope.
But, in non-writing realted news: In the past few days, I've become addicted to The Phantom of the Opera soundtrack. It's amazing!!! Just saying.
Well, I'll update when I have more to say...


Updates of the iPod

yes, I am writing this from my brand new iTouch. Thank God for wifi, right?
Well, this weekend I got a half a page of writing done. I don't know why, but I can never seem to focus anymore when I try to write. It's not writer's block, I know what's happening next, I just can't write it.....
Inkppp update: 106 and falling
And it's officially tech week for the my show. I've got five days to nail "I Won't Say I'm in Love", I have the part of Meg, originally sung by the fabulous Susan Egan. Well, it is late, so I'm going to bed.
Nighty night


Worth My Time?

So, today are camp auditions for the job I applied for. I'm not going. Because I can't get a hold of anyone to schedule an interview. But, on the bright side. That's one less thing to worry about!
Inkpop: 102. Still :( But, two people have said The Assassin is going up on their picks when they rotate them. YAY!
So, I haven't worked on Chapter Three in like a week, once I finish swaps, I will need to work on it. If you read the first book, this scene invloves Michael Brandon and Cassie. So, if you read the first book, you can just imagine where this will be going. XD
I also have to set up some of the stuff back up on the site. I'm going to get an advertisement form so you guys can just submit to it. And I might do some other stuff. It just depends.
And I have rehearsal this afternoon. But Friday is opening night! So super excited! Then I have a Saturday matinee and I'm done. This show has been so exhausting. XD
Then after rehearsal, I get to go to Best Buy to get a new iPod. Hopefully a touch, those things are so cool! And they have a tennis game on them! I love tennis, even if I did quit the team after last year, but that's another story for another time!
Well, off to go finish more swaps...


Falling and Losing Time

Inkpop Update: 103 :(
Job Update: This better be a good paying job for all the effort I've put into trying to get it. I applied to be a summer camp consoler at Lifetime. Two weeks ago, I got a call asking to call back to schedule an interview. I still don't have one scheduled, because I've been play phone tag. I'm about to give up and apply at the other Lifetime this weekend.
And this weekend I'm going to get an iPod touch! I'm super exicted, and I learned today that they come with Wifi which means internet so I can check up on things here in Lala Land and on inkpop and everything else!
Oh, I have to go. Don't forget, if you want, you can advertise on Lala Land for a week!



New Layout! Woohoo! Down side? All my stuff got deleted. It's okay thought, it was a mess! All the posts are still there, so I just have to recreate the pages, and that isn't going to happen tonight, unless the pages are still there and I just don't know it.
The Assassin on Inkpop.com: 101 and falling. :(
Bree's Story: Got some work done on it today :)
Revenge of the Rossetts: Got some work done on that too! And it's been a week since I got my license!
Well, that's all I got for now....

I figured it all out, my pages just weren't linked. And I'm gonna let you in on a super-sized secret! see the little boxes on the top left that look like this: Well, now, you can advertise your blog on mine! Just send me a message or leave a comment on the blog post with a square picture to represent your blog! I'll rotate links about once a week, or maybe twice, and don't forget to tell everyone about Lala Land in return!


New Book! And old points....

Okay, first off, Inkpop status: 100! STILL! At least the little pink arrow changed into a green "hasn't moved" symbol.
Second: Job! A job! About a month and a half ago, I applied to be a summer camp consulor at Lifetime. Well, the past two weeks have consisted of me playing phone tag with the guy who does all the hiring. It's crazy! I called him this morning after AP bubbling and he called back during Latin. Thank God my phone was on silent, other wise I'd have to pay $15 to get the phone back if Coach S. heard it.
And my aunt is coming this week to see my brother's little musical at his school. It's called "Nuts" and he's doing a song about big, bad squirrels. I'm afraid it's as bad as it sounds.
And now, to the main point of this blog: NEW BOOK! WOOHOO! I mentioned it breifly yesterday. I'm basing it off a dream that I had a couple months ago. And ten minutes ago, I wrote a pitch for it, so I thought I'd share it with you guys, and I apologize, it's really rough, it'll get smoother as I write some more:
Bree Wells has a big problem, and she can’t get rid of it. Her step-dad is the President of the United States. And he didn’t get there legally.

Bree Wells has the perfect American family. Her step-dad, Jimmy, is the President, and her mom is the fancy socialite that got him there. With her two step-brothers, Jimmy tries to paint the symbol of the all-American family, except for the fact that she wants nothing to do with it. When she discovers just how Jimmy won the elections, she’s out to figure out who could ever believe such an idiot. Along the way she meets Jason, who’s mom happens to be getting cozy with Jimmy, she asks for his help in exposing the President’s dirty lies. But with every choice comes a consequence, and Jimmy doesn’t plan to let Bree go public with his story. She must choose to live in silence to make the world happy, or follow her instinct and bring down a man and his government.
I have no name for it or anything, in fact, in the orginal dream, she wished on a star for him to die and it was a big mess because he did die, and someone heard her make the wish. But that wasn't really gonna work...but who knows, possible sequel????
Well, that's all I've got to say for the moment. I love you guys who read my blog, and not in a creeperish way. :)


Long Days.....

Well, where to begin? Yesterday, I tripped and made a big fool out of myself. Then during FF class, my friend ambushed me with a pen. My whole left arm was covered in black ink yesterdy morning. And I've known this kid for a really long time and our moms are good friends, so we stalked them home. It was awesome, my mom followed his car on our way home. I'm sure he'll have something to say about it during chemistry today. XD
Then, yesterday afternoon, we went to PetSmart to get my dog some shampoo, and I stepped in dog poop. My mom dropped me off on the curb and I had to scrape all the poop off, in the cold pouring rain. It was not fun.
Then this morning, my iPod broke. The screen was cracked from a while back, but when I was at the bus stop this morning, I turned it on, and it was a white screen. iPod Nanos are not supposed to have white screens. And now, here I am, in Webmastering, with the whole class to waste, and I left my flash drive at home, so no working on my book. But I have an idea I've been thinking about for a while, so I might try to write something with that during class. Who knows, it could become a book, it probably will....
That's all I've got to say for now. Oh, wait, I forgot: 100 on inkpop.com as of this morning.


Rain, Rain go away for cryin' out loud!

It's still raining. I'm so sick of the rain. And it's cold rain. I HATE cold rain.
Well, The Assassin is number 100 on inkpop.com It's been like a week since I've gotten a pick. It's uber depressing. It really is. The highest I can get is 98. I wanna get higher. And then yesterday I sent off a few query letters, in hopes of getting someone to be interested. I know they say that everyone's opinion is just their own, but sometimes I tell myself that they're plotting against me. It makes me feel a little better :P

Well, I did absolutley no writing this weekend. yay for me. Well, I lack anything else to say...


Good Morning!

I was lying. It's raining, and my brother had a sleepover for his birthday. But they're all gone now, so that's good. But it was crazy. I woke up this morning thinking that World War Three had erupted. And it did. IN MY BATHROOM! So, it has not been a good morning.
And on Inkpop, I'm back at 101. But I read a funny comment from last night. The guy that my MC, Cassie, has a sort of thing going on with in the book, Seth, calls her "Toots" and everyone that has commented on it says that it doesn't belong in this time period, and maybe it doesn't, but I got the whole "Toots" calling thing because a guy called me that once. Then he moved and I haven't heard from him since. So I found that funny! Even if I shouldn't.
Oh well. But it looks like it's going to rain outside! And it is, about to rain, not raining at the moment.
UPDATE: The Assassin is number 98 now! WOOHOO!
Anyways, I'm thinking that I'm going to get a new layout again. I'm just not liking this one all that much...
I ran out of things to say now....


Would It Be Inappropriate if I talked about PMS?

Well, if it is, too late. I already did. PMS=My book on Inkpop. One minute it's 98, the next 101. The past four days, I've struggled to break out of the pattern. It's really annoying. Very, very. I'm trying to do a lot of swaps, but during the week, it seems that the amount of people looking for swaps goes down and I'm left with nothing to work with!

But, enought about how my book is driving me crazy. Wenesday, yes, I probably spelled that wrong, but on Wenseday, I got my license, for driving. And I was all excited because my mom said I could drive myself to rehersal last night.
That didn't happen.
My dad, who wasn't even here at the time, told my mom, while I was at rehersal, that I couldn't drive in the dark. But, he told me I could drive to rehersal that starts at 5 this afternoon. So, I'll be driving through rush hour traffic.
Now, if you ask me, wouldn't it be more dangerous to drive in rush hour traffic than at 9 at night? Or is that just my opinion?

Back to my book, just not on inkpop! I have The Assassin on a lot of different sites, trying to get some more readers, and it's on this site called Slush Pile Reader and it has a random list of some of the books that are on the site. It updates after every time you refresh home. I just logged on, and The Assassin was at the top of the list!

Oh, 1:10! Ten minutes till lunch, yeah, it's bad, but last semester I had lunch at 2:00, but lunch! Woohoo!
So, I'm off, because I need to do some writing before the bell rings!


Happy Day!

Inkpop update: The Assassin is number 98, at least, as of this morning. I'd give a more accurate update, but Inkpop is blocked on the school server, I know it's dumb.
Other news: I GOT MY DRIVER'S LICENSE! So excited, I got a 96 on the test. And the guy said I'm the best he's had in a really long time. :D
That's all I have to say...


Guess what!!!

If you guess that I finished my editing, you guessed right! I finally finished. I didn't make it to the 52K but the grand total is 51,312 words, which makes me pretty happy!
So that means tomorrow, I can start working on book two, or pick up where I left off. That makes me happier. :D
Well, I don't have much else to say, but Nighty night my lovlies.


New Look!

So, I finally changed the background, and I like it. But it's so long! The colors with the old layout did not match this one so I had to change those, and I had to make a new signature because the other one was green and it totally didn't work with this one. But I just wanted let ya'll know, and to see if the new one works! Have a fabulous weekend!

post signature


Yeah, I lack anything interesting to put as my title, so I just put Friday, seeing how today is Friday! Yay for pre-weekend!
But, first for some updates: The Assassin sits at 50,992 words. Exactly. I really wanna make it to the 52K mark, and I hope to do it this weekend. I just don't know how. After I hit that 52K mark, I'm going to do one last quick spelling and grammar check, and then I'm sending it off to my friend who has a knack for editing. It's a shame she's going to major in criminal justice. But, after that 52K mark, I get to pick up on Revenge of the Rossetts, how cool is that? I'm completely excited. There are some big plans for this book, I'm totally pshyced. There's a couple of new characters that Cassie meets, some of her old friends turn out to have secrets they never really planned on telling her, and there's more BOY DRAMA! Every good book has boy drama. :)

In other news: I added excerpts, did I spell that right?, to the site. There's one from both books. Book one features the first meeting of Cassie and Seth Edwards, the second one is when she explains her story. I also added a page with all the links for where I am on the Web, like all the Ning Networks, but that might go down.
Well, I've got five minutes left till the end of Webmastering, and the kid next to me isn't very good with HTML.



Edits, Edits, and You Guessed It, More Edits

So, I'm sorry that I'm like the most horrible updater in the history of bloggers, but I've been editing like crazy! So, here's the scoop on the editing:


It's crazy. I've edited the whole entire book, and I think it turned out really well. There's nothing really major, just more, and if you've actually read the book (hint, hint) there's also another Seth scene. Half of my friends who read love him. It's kind of weird. But, the only thing I have left is the first chapter. The one where you learn that Melania was kidnapped when she was sixteen, Brent dodged the law, married her, and then nine months later out came triplets. That's also the chapter where Brent kills Sarah, the woman he's holding hostage so he can get "it", even though no one has a clue what "it" is (and don't feel bad, I've decided "it" doesn't even really exist, Brent's just a complete screwball) and so in a rage of anger, he kills Sarah. But before he kills Sarah, she has this "vision", like the future seeing kind, that says that their baby girl will be a great assassin, something Brent has always wanted to do.
But the problem is, there's a lot of stuff that needs to be fit into that chapter, and it's shorter than most, but I have no idea how to approach it. I've done first person from both Brent and Melania, I've done third person, I've done first from Melania, and then third for Sarah's murder scene. I'm completely confused, and have no idea how to fix it!
So, can you see my dilemma?
And another problem. The Assassin is falling on Inkpop! So, if you're a member of Inkpop, I'd love for you to look at it, and leave me a little message letting me know you saw my post on here and I'll be more than happy to swap!
Well, off to go figure out how to fit my murder, confessions, and a vision in a chapter and make most people happy.


Easter Vigil here I come!

So, in a little bit I have to go to Easter Vigil Mass. For those of you who aren't Catholic, it's the Saturday night mass of Easter. It's like four hours long. You have to have mass, baptism, confirmation, blessing of the oils. I won't get home till like eleven tonight.
So, I was bored and I got a little creative with my camera phone. I love my dress! It's so purtty.....
And also, I'm proud to announce:
The new Assassin Fanclub
There's one on Facebook, but this one is better.

Visit The Assassin Fan Club

AHHH! So excited. So, if you have read it, and you like my book, please go join. Right now it's me and my cousin, and she doesn't even read books. I'm still not sure why she joined, but hey the more the merrier.

Not much more to say....


As I would Tell Aggie, My Dog, Ohmigosh! Ohmigosh! Ohmigosh!

So, I'm sooooooooooooooooooooo sorry for the lack of updating, the week just flew by. Almost literally. But, now it is Good Friday, and I have no school. I can already tell that this three day should-have-been-a-four-day weekend is going to go fast. Yes, my Easter weekend was supposed to be four days, today, tomorrow, Sunday and Monday. But then in February, the snow storm came and dropped almost a foot of snow on us! A foot! Does this look familiar to anyone? Yeah, just after we thought that would be the end of the snow, heck no. The last day of winter 75° and nice and sunny. The first day of spring it was 38° and snowing! Yeah, snow, I have a question for you: Who invited you? Huh? No one said you were allowed to come to Texas. No one! Okay, maybe my Canadian friend, but still, who cares about her opiniom? It's okay, I still love you. :)
Anyways, the Assassin is currently at 138 and falling. :( And last week, I got a letter from Reuts Publishing, a new, upcoming publishing company, saying my book was too short. She suggested making it longer to meet their requirements and resubmitting. So, that finally motivated me to do the one thing every author hates:
Yes, I'm editing. And it sucks.
But, I'm thinking of a layout change...what'd ya think? I'm learning HTML in Webmastering, so it'll be good to test out my skills. But, I gottsa major editing to do.

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