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So, I officially just submitted my first job application! It was for Camp Consulor person at Lifetime Fitness.
But, it more important news, I'm almost done with Chapter One. I basically just have to write my murder scene and I'll be done. I'm so excited for this book, I've got great plans for it! So, as a treat, I've added the little blurb:
The Assassin - Revenge of the Rossetts

Cassie Dreandry's life hasn't quite been the same since her father, Brent Rossett was killed. It's been four months, and now starting high school, Cassie is determined to put it all behind her. Then Alex, the strange guy who helped her in her battle with Brent, shows up, and he has some plans of his own. And what about those weird notes that are a copy of Brent's threats? Cassie must figure out who wants her dead, and stop him before it's too late. Will Cassie catch her copycat? Or will people like Michael's new girlfriend, Crysta Marlay, and Mia, who isn't talking to Cassie, stand in her way?

So, if you haven't already, and yes, I'm shamelessly promoting again, go read book one!
Well, I got that murder scene I need to write, so I'm off.
Good night lovlies!


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