Happy Friday!

So, today totally feels like a Monday to me. Why? Because this is the first day I've gone to school this week. And I already hate it. Yesterday at the doctor, she said I should take Nyquil the next couple of nights so I could sleep and rest. Well, my mom gave me Nyquil, and I'm still half asleep. I don't think that it should be legal to give someone Nyquil and expect them to get up and go to school the next day. I'm just saying.

On top of that, I have to write an essay this weekend, and I totally missed the process of how to write it. Plus all the Chem make up work, and I'll have to study for a Latin test that I won't take today. So, I've got a big plate for this weekend, not to mention I want to finish chapter one of the second book. (I'm only two pages into the ten page chatper) EEP!

Well, I gotta go, I don't wanna miss the bus and be stuck with a week of dishes. So, until next time.

Love, Lala


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