Dear Mrs. Seat,

Dear Mrs. Seat,
Please do not eat me on Monday morning when I walk into class without my DBQ. I lost the packet when I was sick, and I am currently looking for it. I'd really like to be able to write it, so please spare me.
Laura T.

Okay, so that was a load of BS. Except for the part where I beg Mrs. Seat not to eat me, because it wouldn't surprise me if she did. And the part where I was sick. I really was, still kind of, but a cold can only get you so many days sick at home, and sides, it's a Saturday.
Anyways, tonight I think I'm going to watch Anastasia. Remember the movie from like 1997? With Meg Ryan, and a bunch of other people who's names I don't remember? The one that everyone thinks is Disney, but it's a Fox movie. Need a refresher? Anyways, I remember I saw the movie when I was like four, and I've been obsessed ever since. When it came out on VHS, remember those things, I would rent it every single time I went to Blockbuster. After the twentieth time to rent it, my dad finally decided it would be cheaper to just buy it, so he bought it and I still have it today. I have the CD too.

AHAH! I found my DBQ! I think God is telling me I need to do that, instead of this. So I'm off to write about slavery in early civilizations! After that, to Chapter One!

Until the next time lovlies,
Love Lala :)


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