Rejected. Again.

Yeah, the title says it all. I got another rejection letter. I wish someone in New York, or some other place, liked my book enough to publish it. *sigh*

And for some weirder news...my mom saw my Facebook picture today, it's a black and white of me with curly hair, which was a miracle itself, and with make up on. She looked at it and said, "Who is that?"
I know, I was hurt. I told her it was me, and she said, "It looks nothing like you."
I told her that's why everyone likes it. *sigh*

But good news. I finally actually read all my swaps on inkpop.com and my book is currently sitting at number 142! YAY!
But, I've sent like ten query letters in the past day and a half, and I hope someone likes it!
Well, I'm off now....


Just an update...

Hey guys, I know I haven't updated in almost a week, sorry I've got midterms. I'm halfway done! Both my hard midterms were this morning, so hopefully I'll get to do some swap reading on inkpop.com tonight :D. Anyways, last time I checked The Assassin was number 160!! I was totally excited, and I'd check now, but I'm at school, and inkpop is blocked! I was bummed too.
So, I just sent like seven query letters to agents, and I hope they like me, but I haven't had too much luck when it comes to these agents. :(
So, I'm off to write some more. Until next time, which will probably be tomorrow or Saturday...



So, today, all in all, has been a pretty kick butt day. Sorry, I'm not a big fan of cussing. My book has jumped almost two hundred slots on Inkpop.com. It is now number 213! So, I am super excited about it! :D
Well, I really need to work on my chapter. So, until next time



Well, today is Friday! YAY! But, only two more days left of Spring Break, and it's supposed to rain all day tomorrow :(
But today, I went to the zoo with my dad, sister, and two brothers. Loads of fun. I haven't been to the zoo in like five years. :D
But, now apparently, my sister has lice. :( I really hope I don't get it from her. That would be bad!
But, I noticed I start everything with but, weird? Anyways, not that time!, I'm actually writing chapter two of book two! I'm so excited. If you're actually reading all these chapters and stuff, I'll post the link up to join the Facebook group, yes a facebook group for The Assassin fans, they're all my friends. But if you join, you can participate in some discussions, like your opinion of Seth Edwards, that's a great one, and RSVP for the premiere of Chapter Two. Link coming to a computer near you!
So, this chapter has been pretty easy, because I'm basically summarizing Cassie's life. And I copy and pasted most of it from book one, then added on. :P
Anyways, here's a little excerpt:

I guess I should explain. My name is Cassie Dreandry. I’m fifteen years old and my birthday is April 24th. I was adopted when I was three in Denver, Colorado. Ever since then, I’ve lived with my dad who does the single parent thing, and he rocks at it. I’m, well what I guess you could call, the all American teenage girl. I don’t have a boyfriend, I’m somewhere in the middle of my school’s food chain, and my best friend is working to make us move our way higher up.
But there’s so much more to me than what everyone in the world sees. I’m not really the all American, typical, teenage girl. You see, I have an alter ego. Sort of like Hannah Montana, except my alter ego doesn’t sing. She kills people. My alter ego is the Assassin. Fourteen years ago, when my father killed my mother, for reasons I’ll probably never know about, she kinda cursed him. With me. When I think about it, I can’t help but giggle, because when she cursed him, she kinda cursed all of humanity with me. Lucky humanity. I don’t remember the exact details of the night, but apparently I have some mission that only being the Assassin will help me accomplish, and until that happens, I’ll be killing people. I don’t know what that something I have to accomplish is, so I don’t know if it’s even out there. I guess I’ll find out when I die. But for the mean time, my main goal is to make sure no one finds out about my little secret, because if they do, it’ll cost me MY life. And that’s not the way I roll.
I don’t exactly know where I come from. I was born in Dallas, Texas, and I assume my parents lived in the Dallas area. I was only six months old when my mom died. Sometime after my mom died and my dad was thrown into jail, for life, I was shipped out to Denver to an orphanage. I lived there until I was adopted by my dad, Joe.
I’ve never had the guts to ask him, and I don’t think I will, but I’ve always wondered how he knew about my secret to become the Assassin. And why is he okay with it? It is that he loves me so much; he’s willing to overlook that potentially fatal, little problem? And his girlfriend, Beth, whom I love to death, like a mom. Like the mom who I never had. They’ve been going out since we moved to New York two years ago. And the best part about it all? She knows. She knows about my secret, and she’s not running, yelling it to the press. You see, I belong to a secret organization called the National Assassins Association. I know, the name’s pretty lame, but it’s a bunch of people who have alter egos like mine. Beth is on the board of managers, I don’t know exactly what she does, but I know she’s on it. I’ve never met another member of the NAA, besides Beth. I know that there’s a tattoo on every member of the NAA. It’s like a symbol. It’s tattooed on the inside of the left arm. It looked like a fancy checkmark. Beth had one too.

So enjoy!
And until next time my lovlies!


New Cover!

Hey, so sorry I haven't updated. I was in Austin for Spring Break. But I'm back now!
And while I was gone, someone on inkpop.com made me the coolest cover ever! Don't you just love it! Isn't it pretty? Better than mine, that's for sure! But, I'm going to send out a couple of query letters, then I'm gonna start chapter two! Woohoo!


Writing, Jobs, Murders, Cheating, Music...

So, I officially just submitted my first job application! It was for Camp Consulor person at Lifetime Fitness.
But, it more important news, I'm almost done with Chapter One. I basically just have to write my murder scene and I'll be done. I'm so excited for this book, I've got great plans for it! So, as a treat, I've added the little blurb:
The Assassin - Revenge of the Rossetts

Cassie Dreandry's life hasn't quite been the same since her father, Brent Rossett was killed. It's been four months, and now starting high school, Cassie is determined to put it all behind her. Then Alex, the strange guy who helped her in her battle with Brent, shows up, and he has some plans of his own. And what about those weird notes that are a copy of Brent's threats? Cassie must figure out who wants her dead, and stop him before it's too late. Will Cassie catch her copycat? Or will people like Michael's new girlfriend, Crysta Marlay, and Mia, who isn't talking to Cassie, stand in her way?

So, if you haven't already, and yes, I'm shamelessly promoting again, go read book one!
Well, I got that murder scene I need to write, so I'm off.
Good night lovlies!


One day left!

Okay, so there is officially only ONE day left before Spring Break. I really shouldn't be writing on here. I've got six pages left to write in 48 hours. For someone who is suffering writer's block, THIS IS A BIG DEAL! And, it's the first chapter of the book, so I've gotta make it good. So, I personally think that everyone, ha who am I kidding, does anyone even read this?, anyways, everyone should go read The Assassin. Just click on the album cover. Photobucket And don't worry, I'm getting a new cover, that one sucks, I know.
Well, I have nothing else to say, so until then.


I lack a funny, witty remark to put here...

Anyways, today I turned in that essay I was freaking about Saturday. I say I did pretty good since I missed a week over which half the stuff was covered in. And I have a test in that class on Wednesday. EEP!
But, in more important news, my book The Assassin is falling down the charts on Inkpop. It's very sad. It's now at 335, and it keeps falling.
But my little sister just walked in and gave me a hand made tissue pouch. Yes, a tissue pouch, fully equipped with tissues already. Stupid cold/ :(
Well, I'm out. So until then...


Dear Mrs. Seat,

Dear Mrs. Seat,
Please do not eat me on Monday morning when I walk into class without my DBQ. I lost the packet when I was sick, and I am currently looking for it. I'd really like to be able to write it, so please spare me.
Laura T.

Okay, so that was a load of BS. Except for the part where I beg Mrs. Seat not to eat me, because it wouldn't surprise me if she did. And the part where I was sick. I really was, still kind of, but a cold can only get you so many days sick at home, and sides, it's a Saturday.
Anyways, tonight I think I'm going to watch Anastasia. Remember the movie from like 1997? With Meg Ryan, and a bunch of other people who's names I don't remember? The one that everyone thinks is Disney, but it's a Fox movie. Need a refresher? Anyways, I remember I saw the movie when I was like four, and I've been obsessed ever since. When it came out on VHS, remember those things, I would rent it every single time I went to Blockbuster. After the twentieth time to rent it, my dad finally decided it would be cheaper to just buy it, so he bought it and I still have it today. I have the CD too.

AHAH! I found my DBQ! I think God is telling me I need to do that, instead of this. So I'm off to write about slavery in early civilizations! After that, to Chapter One!

Until the next time lovlies,
Love Lala :)


Happy Friday!

So, today totally feels like a Monday to me. Why? Because this is the first day I've gone to school this week. And I already hate it. Yesterday at the doctor, she said I should take Nyquil the next couple of nights so I could sleep and rest. Well, my mom gave me Nyquil, and I'm still half asleep. I don't think that it should be legal to give someone Nyquil and expect them to get up and go to school the next day. I'm just saying.

On top of that, I have to write an essay this weekend, and I totally missed the process of how to write it. Plus all the Chem make up work, and I'll have to study for a Latin test that I won't take today. So, I've got a big plate for this weekend, not to mention I want to finish chapter one of the second book. (I'm only two pages into the ten page chatper) EEP!

Well, I gotta go, I don't wanna miss the bus and be stuck with a week of dishes. So, until next time.

Love, Lala


Hi Guys...

Hey, how's it going?

Me? I've been sick all week, all because of the Spirit Retreat. :(
Don't get me wrong, I had a blast at Spirit Retreat, but I never thought I would actually wake up Sunday morning with my throat on fire. Sorry Edward, I was kinda always a little more Team Jacob.
So, what started out as the burning throat, turned into allergies, so I stayed home Monday from school. Then Tuesday morning, my mom felt my forehead, thought I had a fever, so she sent me back to bed. Then yesterday was TAKS. I went to school to take it, but I coughed the whole freakin test, so as soon as testing was done, I hightailed it to the nurses' office and went back home. Then this morning I went to the doctor and she told me it was JUST A COLD!!! All this suffering for a cold? But apparently colds can make you feel worse than if you have strep throat or a flu! So, now that today was my cold's "peak", my mom is making me go to school tomorrow. *Sigh*
But, on top of that, today I finally got all my makeup work. I'm taking an AP class, which all we do is take notes, so no make up work there, Latin, which I already did the make up work for, Webmastering, I don't have Photoshop, and Chemistry. My Chem teacher said to use the Powerpoints on Schoolweb to help me, but I went on Schoolweb, and GASP! They aren't there!

So, I'm leaving now, so I can rest up and watch American Idol tonight. Talk to you later?
Love, Lala :)

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